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Procter & Gamble: P & G joins TerraCycle's Loop – a functional and eco-friendly e-commerce platform – with 11 brands of household products

25/01/2019 | 15:14

The revolutionary model will be tested in Paris and New York in 2019

Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) announced today
the introduction of reusable and reusable packaging for some
of its most popular products as part of a new one
ambitious initiative to change the dependence on the world
disposable packaging and waste destined for disposal. from
furthermore, the new circular solutions "collect and recycle"
Waste removal assistance was also introduced
as part of a partnership with LoopTM,
an e – commerce platform developed by Google
International Leader in TerraCycle Recycling. much
P & G's world brands are among the largest, including PanteneTM,
seasonTM, CascadeTM and Oral-BTM,
will participate in this innovative platform later this year.

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Pantene is a unique bottle made of light, durable aluminum for shampoo and ...

Pantene is a unique bottle made of lightweight and durable aluminum for shampoo and conditioner. (Photo: Business Wire)

is a global round solution for packing and shopping,
the first of its kind to improve – compared to
current online trading solutions – performance
environmental standards and packaging convenience
are collected, cleaned, recharged and reused. Loop offers
also the ability to collect used products on the threshold
users for recycling and re-use. P & G has
is the first consumer product company to join Loop.

Announced at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos,
in Switzerland, this partnership achieves sustainability goals ambition
2030 of P & G
and the constant commitment of the Company to transform
intentions for sustainable development in action
Positive daily.

P & G scientists and engineers have developed solutions for
innovative production, packaging and distribution that will please
consumers and allow them to easily adopt a way of life
sustainable. Eleven P & G brands will be available as part of the Loop
in one of the three formats. The Loop system will be validated and optimized by
through real market experience from
mid-2019 in New York and Paris.

Durable packaging

Favorite brands such as Pantene, Tide, Cascade and CrestTM
have designed new, long-lasting and filling packs in the mold
luxury containers with new features and features

  • Pantene introduces a bottle of aluminum
    lightweight and durable for shampoos and balsam.
  • season the number one detergent in America in which he participates
    Contour with herbal detergents Tide purclean,
    packed in a new, durable stainless steel bottle
    a simple rotating cap and a comfortable spout.
  • waterfall in your continuing search for ways to do it
    the experience of washing dishes better and with respect
    the environment, has developed a new ultra-durable packaging
    Cascade ActionPacs product that allows users to avoid
  • comb promotes the sustainable development of hygiene
    mouth with new mouthwash Platinum of comb, a
    unique formula that provides fresh breath and protects from stains,
    packed in a strong reusable glass bottle.
  • ArielTM and FebrezeTM participation
    with durable and refillable packages that are also available
    in stores, testing a new battery and model
    can be used directly for users.

Loading recycling products

  • Oral-B, leading innovations in oral hygiene
    more than 50 years will test circular brush solutions
    Rechargeable electric teeth and hand brushes for teeth.
    Oral-B CLIC, a new iconic design for toothbrushes
    hand, offers a durable handle, equipped with a unique mechanism
    allows users to only replace the head of the. t
    brush. The loop platform will recycle the used brush heads
    hand dental brushes such as electric.
  • GilletteTM and VenusTM

    will provide first-rate packages with durable packaging
    the user will retain in addition to the handle. Knives and elements
    the toiletries used by these toiletries will be collected from
    users for Recycling by TerraCycle.

Recycling of used hygiene products

  • brand baby diapersTM and alwaysTM

    will test the collection of used hygiene products in the homes of
    users for recycling using technology
    an exclusive revolution developed by Fater, a joint venture
    between P & G and Angelini. The technology enables transformation
    Absorbent hygienic products used in raw materials
    for applications with higher added value.

"We take advantage of over 180 years of innovation and
knowledge of global users to enable. t
responsible consumption on a large scale, "said Virginie Helias,
Vice President and Head of Sustainable Development at P & G "We
we are proud to partner with TerraCycle as
the first consumer goods company to be part of this
a program that is just one of many ways
to achieve our Ambition 2030 goals for acceleration
sustainable innovation and the promotion of circular solutions.

– Time to act now. It is with passion we use
the strength of our global reach and the strength of our brands
trust in developing more sustainable solutions. from
Transforming partnerships are essential to this
mission, because no one can do it alone, "she added.

"We are delighted to partner with P & G and other brands,
Retailers, Global Infrastructure Companies and Economic Forum
to create a new way of consumption
in a more responsible way, "said Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle. "
Loop's ambition is not just to eliminate the concept of waste
of the packaging, but also greatly improve the experience with
products and convenience in our shopping way. Thanks to
Loop users will be able to consume this way
is responsible for products packaged in a durable package,
reusable or fully recyclable. Thanks to the power of
a number of brands of trust, such as those of P & G, will be able to
to change consumer habits and reach the required range
to achieve its goals. "

How Loop Works

  • DO YOUR ROADS : Users will visit the site
    Loop Internet or Loop Reseller sites
    and will buy reliable branded products that have been
    processed in order not to produce packaging waste.
  • RECEIVING : Consumers receive their sustainable products
    in the sophisticated transport container designed exclusively by Loop
    eliminating the need for disposable packaging such as
    cardboard boxes.
  • ENJOY : Consumers Feel Elegant
    convenience in eliminating the concept of packaging waste
    for single use.
  • COLLECTION : No need to clean and
    to get rid of the packaging; when users are finished
    place the empty package in one of the containers
    Loop. Loop will collect them directly from their home.
  • CLEAN : A team of Loop scientists has been developed
    customized cleaning technologies, so any product
    can be reused safely.
  • RECOVERY, RECYCLING OR USE : Loop quickly fills
    products as needed, and returns re-filled containers for
    users. If there are rescue products used, such as
    diapers, pads, razors or toothbrush parts,
    they will be restored for reuse or recycling.

P & G products are available through Loop


Our goal is to give women more "Great Hair Days"
(days with beautiful hair) and we never stop making innovations
to improve the quality of our products and packaging. this
an important solution can contribute to the complete elimination of
packaging waste with bottle for shampoo and balm
who celebrates our love for the oceans and the environment. us
we partner with Loop of TerraCycle to help you
disposable plastic bottles for bottles and chains
sustainable logistics with filling systems where no
waste is never created. These unique bottles made with
lightweight but durable aluminum designed for cleaning,
recharged and reused as part of the Loop system and are
in line with our common ambition and our goal to be
leading in the industry.


We know that purity is important – for you, yours
family and our planet – that's why we created Tide
purclean: the first herbal herbal cleanser
the cleaning power of Tide. This new bottle of Tide purclean is
made of stainless steel with a simple swivel cap
durable and comfortable spout. When you have no more
laundry, just put the filling bottle in your
containing Loop will be cleaned, filled and ready for use
again. Formulated for the whole family, the "Clean Water"
without paint and very sensitive on sensitive skin. The formula
is being produced at a place that buys wind power
which do not send industrial waste
discarding, which makes Tide purclean a respectful choice of
planet, thoughtful thinking about our future. Lighten the load
The tide is clean.


Cascade® is constantly looking for ways to improve its experience
and to ensure that it is environmentally friendly
our new ultra-durable packaging. When you have no more
Cascade ActionPacs ™, just put the reusable bottle
in the Loop container, it will be cleaned, sterilized, filled
and ready to be reused. Cascade Platinum Cleaner
ActionPacs ™ cleans so well, even when the food remains
keeps 24 hours, allowing users
switching from pre-treatment. This can save up to 15
gallons of water by washing in the dishwasher. When multiplied
this figure must count all users of the
dishwasher, which pre-wash can save
up to 150 billion liters of water every year
United States.


Crest points to a more sustainable innovation for bathrooms
mouth. Without alcohol, peroxide or paraben, the Crest formula
Platinum provides fresh breath and helps protect yours
dental spots. Crest Platinum will be available in a beautiful bottle
made of rectangular glass with a cap of stainless steel and
protected by a silicone case. Fill directly
the door of the users means heavy transport
mouthwashes can be something of the past. It is
now something you can smile at.


We know that impeccable purity in the most
compact is important – for you, your family and our planet
"That's why we created Ariel Under, our detergent
more innovative for impeccable purity. We offer
now is a lasting family of Ariel Pod, which you can
use it again and again. When you're out of laundry,
you just have to put the packaging for filling in the container
Loop, this will be cleaned, sterilized, complete and ready to be
used again. More product to transport from store to
home and more packs to get rid of when laundry is
finished. You can use Ariel Pods 3 in 1 capsule even at
Low temperature and benefit of Ariel's impeccable cleanliness.
Produced in France at a place that buys electricity
a renewable wind turbine that does not send any waste
Discharged, the Ariel capsules contain 70%
less water in the formula than the liquid preparation Ariel and are
designed with our future in mind.

Always protect from children.


Illustrating his constant commitment to respect
of the environment, Febreze puts its latest innovation – called
Febreze ONE in the US and Zero% in Europe – also in
available through the Loop platform because this product is packaged
in reusable packaging and recycling. Without Engine or
Strong aroma, Febreze ONE / Zero% can be used for both
only for textiles (fabrics). With its water-based formula
(90%) and its patented technology using cyclodextrin,
an ingredient derived from corn starch that traps odors
product does not just hide odors, then
neutralized and eliminated from the air. Ferrese is already part of
The TerraCycle Recycling Program, which has recycled more than one million
Febreze packs around the world, thus avoiding theirs

* Source: Online survey conducted in October 2017 in France
and in the United Kingdom, showing 63% of 221 respondents


Oral-B, the leader in innovation for oral hygiene for more
50 years, will test circular solutions for his
Cordless and handheld electric teeth. He makes his entrance
in Loop with a revolutionary rethink of the category
Hand brushes: Oral-B CLIC, a new concept
emblematic, which reduces plastic waste with a handle
Durable is made with one composite material, largely based
on quality minerals and equipped with the unique ClicFit ™ mechanism
which allows users to replace only the
brush. The Loop platform will recycle the
a brush of hand and electric toothbrushes is used.


For more than 115 years Gillette has been offering
precision and unmatched product performance – improving the life of the product
more than 800 million men around the world. With a razor
Gillette Fusion5 ™ ProShield, we will offer you a travel case
high-quality razor instead of our traditional packaging,
that users can keep in addition to their sleeve. a
Loading the razor is equal to a month's shave and immediately after that
that men need new blades, they can
to return to their Recycle Loop container.

Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus, the world's number one shave brand
women, take additional measures
Gillette Venus will move on to the vision of the brand
100% recyclable or multiple packaging as well
sustainable and renewable products that they enjoy
women around the world. Gillette Venus encourages
the use of durable razors and chains
supply of blades with recycling systems
integrated. Presenting our latest innovation – the razor
Venus Platinum Extra Smooth. It integrates the first cycle
Venus, ergonomically designed to increase
shaving control and durability guarantee for a
durable use in the beauty of every woman. on
cartridges are made with five high quality blades,
delivered in a reusable metal box. When it should
to replace them, just put the slides in the container
Loop, Loop will take care of their collection and recycling,
women can order new ones.

Pampers and Always

Pampers and Always are committed to sustainability
we think we have a role in
reduction of plastic waste and contribution to the economy
Circular. We are experiencing an excellent recycling program
hygiene products, including baby nappies and
pads and female hygiene towels to give
new life of the used products. Pampers and Always are
the first brands absorbing hygiene products in the world
use Fater's new advanced recycling technology
layers in applications with higher added value. Fater is
a joint venture between P & G and Angelini, which it produces
Pampers and Always in Italy. The Loop will test for
for the first time this technology with selected users
in France. For a long-term and repeatedly used waste container
absorbing hygiene products containing Pampers products and
It will always be delivered to the door of your house. The container was
specially designed to perform multiple functions – closed
hermetically sealed and equipped with a carbon filter to prevent
smell, easy to handle with a rotating cover
reasons of convenience and aesthetic purpose
integrates with all interiors. Just put it
used nappies and swabs. When your container is full, you
may request removal for cleaning, sterilization and
are returning home with new products from Pampers and Always. yours
Absorbent hygienic products are used
recycling facilities.

About Procter & Gamble

P & G serves consumers around the world with one of the largest
a wider range of prestigious brands, trust and quality,
among which are Always®, Ambi Pur®, Ariel®, Bounty®, Charmin®, Crest®,
Dawn®, Downy®, Fairy®, Febreze®, Gain®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®,
Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, SK-II®, Tide®, Vicks® and
Whisper®. The P & G community includes operations in approximately 70
countries around the world. Please visit
keep track of all news and get information about P & G and its

For TerraCycle

TerraCycle is an innovative waste management company whose purpose is
a mission to eliminate the concept of waste (eliminating the idea of ​​waste).
Operated nationwide in 21 countries, TerraCycle
partners with manufacturers of consumer products,
leading distributors, cities and facilities
for recycling of products and packaging – from dirty diapers to barrels
cigarettes – which would otherwise end up in landfills or burned. from
In addition, TerraCycle works with
leading consumption to integrate waste streams
difficult to recycle – like ocean plastic – into theirs
products and packaging. TerraCycle has won more than 200 awards
sustainable development and gave more than $ 25 million to
schools and charities since its inception 15 years ago. for
know more about TerraCycle or join its programs
recycling, please visit

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