Tuesday , June 22 2021

promotional mobile packages in B & You, Cdiscount, Free Mobile, La Poste, Red by SFR or Sosh

Red by SFR offers until 28 January his 40 GB package without commitment 10 € / month for life, understand that the price will remain the same even after 12 months. It offers unlimited calls and SMS / MMS, as well as 4GB roaming data on a monthly basis, as well as free access to the Youboox e-book service, available until June 30, 2019.

SFR RED mobile plan

at B & You (Bouygues Telecom), this is a special series series, not committed and for the life that is being offered € 9.99 / month with 40 GB of data and 4 GB roaming, and € 14.99 / month with 60 GB / 6 GB, valid until 3 February 2019They offer unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.

b & your series-special

Free mobile phone also offers a special series that is now sustainable with a package offered € 8.99 per month valid for one year and includes calls and unlimited SMS / MMS, 60GB monthly data and 4GB roaming data. The price returns after 12 months to 19,99 € / month. Now the proposal is valid without limitation,

offers free-to-mobile

(Orange) offers its package of € 19.99 per month only € 9.99 per month without commitment, valid until 1 February, Then the price will return to 19,99 € in 12 months. It includes unlimited calls and SMS / MMS and 20 GB of data (reduced bandwidth) on the mobile internet, usable in France, but also unrestricted in Europe (interested in this level).

sosh mobile-2 package

Cdiscount Mobile offers its most complete package € 4.99 per month instead of € 15 per month, valid until February 7, 2019 We remind you that Cdiscount Mobile is a service for the NRJ Mobile operator, which uses the mobile network of the three major operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR, depending on where you live. This percentage 4.99 € / month will be valid for 6 months, then the rate will return to 15 € / month using the code CD40GO at the time of the order. This package includes unlimited calls and SMS / MMS in the capital and the European Union (38 destinations), 40GB of data 4G in the capital France (reduced performance) + 5GB of data in 3G + in Europe (billed in -delà).

Cdiscount-mobile logo-2

Finally, let's finish Mobile mail which offers a package of 9.99 € per month by the operator only 4.99 euros per month without commitment, using the discount code PROMOMUSIC, valid until 10 February next. The price will return to normal after 12 months. This package includes 2 hours of voice calls in continental France and from Europe and DOM / COM, Unlimited SMS and MMS 5 GB of mobile internet in a metropolis (blocked beyond), of which 1 GB can be used in Europe, mUnlimited access to unlimited music streaming service from the Universal Music catalog.

A fixed rate of 12,99 € per month was also on sale € 9.99 per month with the code PROMOAVIEThis is a package identical to the one presented above, except that calls are unlimited (instead of 2h) and mobile internet is 10GB (instead of 5GB).


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