Friday , June 18 2021

PROPULSIA – Will be there!

Grand Prix d 'Amérique 2019: The champion returns to Vincennes, directly to the big game, he will not always be miserable

8-year-old man from MUSCLE HILL and DANAE

Revenue: 10,908,827 euros

Coach: Daniel Redden

Leader: Örjan Kihlström

Owner: Stall Zet

44 races – 24 wins, including 10 groups I and 15 seats

Its palm trees:

Major champion of the discipline at European level, PROPULSIA of American descent, counts in his list a trifle of 10 wins in level I tests, an excuse for the little one. Including winner Norbottens Storra 2016 and 2017, the Hugo Abergs 2017 Memorial or Finland AI 2016 in the past, he was again rewarded in 2018, dominating twice FREQUENT EXPRESS and won this year's 4th consecutive Norrbottens Stora Consecutive, the second Hugo Abergs memorial, again, but also the Aby Grand Prix and the Masters Trot Finals in Ostersund. an activity that has a gorgeous record of 1 & # 39; 1 & # 39; 1. In France, he won the Prix de Bourgogne last year, he has not yet won the highest level, taking fourth place at the US Grand Prix before taking third place next year, also finishing third in the Grand Prix of France in 2018.

His preparation:

After a magnificent 2018 year, winning six consecutive races between June and October, he started only twice since the beginning of November. On third place in Solvara on November 24, after NADAL BROLINE and ZENIT BRICK, he signed a disappointing performance in Rome on December 29th. Appearing then over the batch, he was still beaten by ON TRACK PIRATEN until he was announced in top form … The explanations of the day after Daniel Reden, his mentor said he had a fever and did not touch his food. From then on, he points out that his arrival in France is questionable. Two weeks before the big race, the news was quite reassuring, as Daniel Redden was totally satisfied with the work of PROPULSIA after treatment …

The Review of Kerichard Silvain:

An impressive horse, POUPULIA is a horse that has always enjoyed me. Extremely dissatisfied with the 2017 edition when BOLD EAGLE moved, his driver had to resume at a key moment but nevertheless ran very well to take the fourth place, showing that day, Running in the Leg. Last year he also finished well behind READLY EXPRESS and BOLD EAGLE, and after some time he slowed down when he came out of BIRD PARKER, and then his two rivals started at full speed. Thirdly, he confirmed if he ever needed his ability to shine on the courses for the Great Winsen runway. This year's preparation has been inconvenient, but sometimes it is bad for the good, whose entourage has long been preferring to come to Vincenza just for D-Day. on the track at 100% for the Grand Prix of America, he will undoubtedly be one of the most serious candidates for victory, his huge class no longer needs to be proven after the superb 2018 …

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