Monday , June 21 2021

PSG, defining Tuccel's speech against Manchester United

L "Equipe" highlights Tomah Tuccel's plan, which allowed PSG to secure a net success in Manchester (0-2) on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the L "Equipe" story tells Thomas Tuccel's method to prepare his men on several levels before the Old Trafford's shock against Manchester United. The great strength of the Germans would be his approach in the relationship throughout the day, with the desire to surrender – his calmness"and "his enthusiasm" according to. t French newspaper, who specified that his speech, delivered four hours from the start of the meeting, could be seen as a key point in preparation.

Tuesday night, after the match, in the Old Trafford corridors, several players emphasized the importance of preparing for the work of technical staff. "Not only Thomas Tuccel, but also all the staff who work a lot to give us a lot of information about the teams, we managed to deal well with the counterattacks, everything that told us happened today we focused on the losses of the ball in the middle to avoid counters, especially with Pogba ", thus entrusted Thiago Silva,

But this conversation would be decisive in the heads of the Parisians "This meeting was very important, not even wanting to talk about it," – said Marcinos in the comments submitted by L'Equippe. "The coach gives us the strategy. He analyzes the opponents very much, discovers their strengths and weaknesses and explains how to proceed. This time he started with a defensive dimension, highlighting the qualities of the Manchester attack and his speed against. He insists he does not lose too much ball after he has been restored in the middle.

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Marquinhos PSG 2018-19

The Brazilian shared in the mixed zone how his coach's influence was beneficial to his game. "My coach trusted a lot, saw things in me that I could not see, and today I'm trying to grow more and more, I'm available for the team. Today we know Manchester United midfielder Paul Pigba, I'm happy with what we did, and what I did did Marco do so much, Danny too. individual duel against Pogba but also collective. Everything that is important to change is the mentality, the heroes of the field. The talent we had was famous. Even without our best player we have made a great deal We have to analyze all this but nothing is won, there is another game in the field, we know that we will have to do the job to get to the next stage.

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