Sunday , June 13 2021

PSG – MU-PSG: Neimar, Pugba opens the champagne!

MU-PSG: Neamar out, Pomba opens the champagne!

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Against Manchester United on Tuesday night at Old Trafford, the PSG will shine to bring a positive result from England without Cavani Neimar.

Two absences are obviously harmful to Paris, but they make fortune for Manuano players. He started with Paul Pogba, who confirmed in an interview with Manchester United's official website that Neamar's absence was great news for his team. Even obviously, the champion of the French world is cautious about other PSG players …

"We're lucky that Neimar is not here. It is a pity for him, but for us because he is a player who can change the game himself. Such players, you do not know how to stop them because they create a lot of space, they can lead two players that they can score. All of them are dangerous, so do not think about just one player because it's always a team. But obviously the PSG attack is the key. So I hope to block them " explained former Juventus midfielder Turin, who refused to ignite despite Neamar's absence. But who knows that Manchester United should take advantage of Brazil's absence.

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