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After illuminating the fresco with Barcelona's shirt, Neimar said a few hours later that the best recollection of his career was the restoration of the PSG in 2017 when he was in Bara.

PSG: Neimar is l

Will Neamar leave PSG?

Neimar has not yet expressed his future, but the Brazilian striker is licking some clues … And his last exit will speak. In an interview with Oh My Goal, Auriverde threw the funeral in Paris Saint-Germain.

Moving PSG as the best memory

As one of his best memories of football is mentioned, Neimar quotes the 2017 repairs as he wore the colors of FC Barcelona and turned PSG back by winning 6-1 in the back of the Champions League semi-finals after defeat with 4: 0 in one direction. The best memory of my football career? There are two. First, when we won the Olympic Games with Brazil. Then the retreat against Paris to make Auriverde.

What we felt when we scored the sixth goal was unbelievable continued the Parisian before insisting when he asked for his best memory in the wardrobe: When we won against PSG with Barcelona, ​​it was totally … We all went crazy then! I think this was the best feeling for all of us.

Neymar declared war on the PSG

This result is necessarily calculated as his future ignites the news of transfers for several weeks and many people close to the case say he wants to return to Barra. A few hours earlier he posted a video on Instagram in which he appeared on a fresco on the back of Barcelona, ​​along with his father. All this sounds like announcing a war in the PSG conflict that does not count the sale of this t.

Expressing his love for Barra and binding Paris, Neimar is likely to return the Parisian supporters back and poison the PSG situation. And that may be the purpose of his communication. The situation may become intolerable in the capital, and Parisian leaders may have no choice but to find a new club. Stop selling it cheaper than expected. His training for returning on Monday promises to be electric …

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