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PSG: Neimar, number 6, Mabape … Tughel reviews after the demonstration in Dresden – Transfers

Thomas Tuhel has reviewed Neimar's dossier, among other things, after the Dresden victory on Tuesday.

Despite the silence of the subject, there is no doubt: Neamar Jr. wants to leave PSG. Leonardo did not hide him in a recent interview with Parisian"It's clear to everyone," he said. Asked this Tuesday in the mixed zone, after his players' victory over the friendly Dresden (6-1), Thomas Touchel abounds. And even adds that the 27-year-old has made things clear for a long time before Copa America and even before going to Brazil. – Yes, we did. Before going to Copa America? Yes, "explained the German coach. It remains to be seen whether Neamar said he would achieve his goals. Tuchel does not want to risk with a forecast: "If he will leave? To be honest I do not know. This is something between the club and "Nee". I am the coach, he is my player. If he's in the dressing room, he's my player and I'll work with him. What if he stays? I'm ready for everything. I have to adapt to everything. We need to be flexible. "It must be because, until proven otherwise, Pari Saint-Germain did not receive a name-worthy offer. Of course there are rumors about more or less Baroque exchanges initiated by FC Barcelona. The name of Philip Kutinho returns regularly to the newspapers. But the German technician did not want to comment on the individual cases. There is no trace of Coutinho leading to Senegalese International Everton, Idrissa Gueye, already mentioned last winter and will be hot again The Parisian, "There is some optimism in Paris," says one of the columns of the daily Il-de-France.

"We can wait another 6"

Thomas Tuhle

Recall that the capital's club officially made the arrival of Abdu Diallo (formerly Dortmund) on Tuesday. A 23-year-old, multi-functional player, but who is particularly developing along the defense axis. The rope is more towards Touchel's nose, who does not forget to quote … Markinos among the options offered to him in the middle. Waiting for the arrival of a real specialist on the job? "With Abdu Diallo, we have an extra solution in the central defense. So this could give Marquinhos the chance to play number 6. But we can wait for an additional number 6. "Tuesday in Germany, Ander Erera adheres to him, not his specialty, but the Spaniard and his compatriot Pablo Sarabia "We see that these two players have an extraordinary mentality," says Tuchel, who have the qualities of a football player but also a great heart, they are super professionals, they are vigilant and adapt very quickly. we do not have a specialist, but this is usually more appropriate at a 6 or 8 hour double In fact, it is multifunctional. "Without costly spending, impeccable consciousness and flexibility, this is the Paris niche at the very beginning of the season and in terms of transferring a window.

Next meeting for PSG? On Saturday, again in Germany, this time against Nuremberg. Second division German club, like Dresden. Then it will be time to take a look at the Asian tour, which will bring the champions of France to the Champions League, August 2 in Shenzhen, opposite Rennes. Neymar will be suspended for this last date. Will he travel to Asia until the end of the tour? "At the moment I think so. He returned yesterday (Monday) and now, like every player, he will do two-day tests (physical and medical). It is intense, but it is necessary. We need to have the results to adapt his work for this week. The rest have already worked for a week to be ready to play today. The same is true for Nee, and since, in my opinion, he will be ready to be with us in China. "UOLour Brazilian interlocutors suggest that Neimar is well on the tour. However, he was not good to return to Paris on 8th place with his other teammates as the club asked him … "I'm always disappointed if the player is late," says Tuewell, "but it is clear between us. Hey and the club, we're working together, that's our player, and he's there. "Not with a smile if we believe the images that are secretly surrendered by Paris Saint-Germain on Monday, but it's actually there for now.

"After the resumption of training, Kilian shows great joy and intensity"

He went to Mbappé

One thing is certain, and this is undoubtedly the best news for the summer in Paris Saint-Germain, Thomas Tuhel no longer has to manage this kind of paper himself. At least in front of the media. Several times the Germans returned the ball to Leonardo's camp and the direction: "The club has to answer, not me." And I do not see any jump, challenge or criticism as this would be a possible interpretation in the time of Antero Enrique. The club must resolve this issue, not Thomas Tuccel, who does not intend to interfere improperly with Neamar. – I do not want. I am the coach, it is not my theme, "he insists, a coach who can be happy that the other star in Paris, Kilian Mabé, is already at the top We saw him on Tuesday against Dresden with two goals and two "D pass." "He scores every goal the same way, in a training session or in a match. This is Kilian (smile) … He is always hungry to score. And I appreciate his turn. After recovery, it shows a lot of joy and intensity.

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