Thursday , June 17 2021

PSG – PSG: Adrien Rabbit is free, the loser-loser deal for Paris and Rabbit!

We do not know if Adrien Rabbit had watched Paris Saint-Germain's convincing victory over Manchester United on Tuesday night, but it is certain that if he trains with Thomas Tuchel's team, the Midfield did not make the trip to Old Trafford with his teammates. Now at the end of the contract, Adrien Rabbit knows that the end of the season will be long for him, Nasser al-Helleiy and Antero Enrique have asked their coach to leave the player in the closet. And inevitably, at what we saw in Manchester, this choice does not punish PSG. It remains that henceforth the club of the capital will see free Adrienne Rabbit and that Paris seems to be the big loser of this story.

For Jean-Pierre Bernes, a powerful agent of the players, finally, if Paris Saint-Germain is really a loser, this is the case with Adrienne Rabbit. And Berness to explain. " Upon arrival everyone loses. Paris is deprived of an excellent midfielder who will leave his club at the small doors at the end of the season. Players must also understand that when they are free, they are actually interested in many clubs, but you never know whether it is primarily financial interest or sporting interest. If a club pays 50MU per player, the player is sure that the sport interests dominate. But if the club's financial interest in the freedom of the player is represented, the latter does not take any risk. The player is powerful, the club really won everything, sporty and financially. If not, the club did not lose anything because it did not have to invest "He explains, rightly, in Le Parisien, Jean-Pierre Berness, recalling the case of Adrienne Rabbit.

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