Sunday , June 13 2021

PSG – PSG: Killian Mabape is right, Daniel Rio is delighted!

Goalkeeper against Manchester United (0: 2) Tuesday in the first round of the 16th Champions League match, Killian Mabape speaks strong after the game.

On the edge of Old Trafford's meadow and the microphone of the RMC Sport Channel, Paris striker Saint-Germain asked the media to stop. selling fear When the French teams compete for major European meetings. The joke, fully approved by Daniel Riolo, is not far away to applaud the French international.

" "We must stop selling fear" is an absolute conviction. And he is rightthe consultant commented. This permanent complex and these problems of attitude, which regularly continue PSG in the European Cup. There is this context, this synastrosis, we need to leave it. We do not care if someone is missing, playing the game! The same is true when I say that Lyonnais has to play the PSG title, there is no sporting resignation. And in the Champions League everyone knows that Barca is usually stronger but plays and creates a feat! "

Memory of "repaired"

Philosophy that Paris had to accept before the Fiasco in Barcelona. " In a week of the match, fear began to be sold first in the press. A climate has been created around and I remember this video, where we see PSG players calculating how many goals they can take. What is this if fear is not sold? Imagine it possible … And as soon as they got into the grass, the fear was there Riolo remembers, hoping that the Parisians have learned the lesson.

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