Thursday , July 29 2021

PSG – PSG: Paris must finish MU, Daniel Rioolo is merciless

On March 6, Paris will host Manchester United in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Obviously, the club of the capital is largely beloved in view of the numerous absences that Manchester United would have been convicted of. In addition, the first game has raised Parisian superiority, despite the Cavani and Neimar packages. For Daniel Riolo, questioned about RMC Sport, the question is to finish the work of beauty without any regret for the opponent. This should be in the ropes of this version of PSU Tuccel. The opposite would be catastrophic …

"Everything is good and good to win the first game, but the job must be over. It is clear that this is 90-10% for PSG before this second game. We are less in the European Cup 30 years ago when when you won 2: 0 at home, it was often curly. So 2-0 outside was even better. However, today I think it's a bit more open. Be careful, I'm not telling you that I think catastrophe is possible. I repeat, they still have 90% or even 95% chance of passing " recalled Daniel Riolo, for whom the elimination of PSG is not so impossible. It must be said that the Barcelona episode must remain in all chapters, whether we like it or not.

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