Friday , June 18 2021

PSG – PSG: Star 1 of Paris SG is Mbappé, not Neymar!

Author of a hat trick against AS Monaco on Sunday evening at the end of 33rd day, Kylian Mbappé equals the record of Jean-Pierre Papin, who scored 30 goals in Ligue 1 in 1990. beIN SPORTS, who admiringly admired the blinding trajectory of a native of Bondy. Asked by Le Parisien, the former striker of the Olympic de Marseille praised the qualities of the French international, believing him to be the most attacking weapon of the PSG … before Neimar.

"Mbappé, he often plays because he has a lot of wounds, and the real weapon of the PSG is not Neamar, he, we could have guessed, even if Neamar is galactic, the real star of PSG is Mbappé." For two years Neimar made incredible glimpses, but Mbappé is there all the time I've never understood why it's played on one side Because it's going very fast and making a difference, no doubt But it loves the depth so much … And in this record man is never that dangerous, as far as the shaft is able to leave from the right, on the left, no fick Yranna position, but each time the same lemonade: feint, acceleration and goodbye! " said Jean-Pierre Papin, for whom Kilian Mabé is definitely the future of PSG, but also the French team of the position of axial striker. Thomas Tuchel and Didier Desham are warned …

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