Thursday , June 17 2021

PSG sees red!


Defeated for the first time in League One in Lyon (2: 1), this Sunday PSG is again accepted for arbitration at the end of the match …

For Paris Saint-Germain, that's too much … After Neamar was injured ten days ago, then what was narrowly avoided by Tillo Kerer after a violent shootout by Rene Mbaie Niang last weekend who won a yellow card for the Senegalese until the red predominated, the PSG experienced new failures with the arbitrage this Sunday night. Defeated for the first time this season in L1 against worthy Lyon (2-1), Parisians see red …

"This is the case with every game now!" The last game was almost the end of Tiller Karer's career, one centimeter and it was over! Today again! A little more and it was Leo Paredes' knee is not possible and behind it is not possible, every match is the same … "Thomas Tuhel referred to a press conference after the match, referring to the yellow card received by Nabil Fekir in the 90th minute of an uncontrolled attack on the back of Paredes, who had to be sanctioned with the exception,

"New Forgotten Red Card"says the club of the capital. By the way, the final whistle Antero Enrique and Maxwell would go to protest against Judge Clement Turpin. The teamThe two leaders in the Paris region have called for explanations of the Tiago Silva defeat to Musa Dembele in the 48th minute of the game Transformed by Nabil Fekir.

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