Monday , October 3 2022

PSJ – PSG: Neamar Sr is in panic, he cracks in a full transfer


This Thursday, RAI said the Neymar clan is discussing with Juventus to consider why not transferring the Brazilian star to Paris Saint-Germain during this window transfer 2019. The Cristiano Ronaldo – Neymar Jr. Association is shaking all the defenses of the football world , even if it seems complicated for Torino's club to balance its bets if it is necessary to recruit the PSG player after the very expensive and official acquisition of Matthews De Ligt. However, according to a famous Italian specialist on measuring instruments, this assumption is completely false and has been built from scratch by the Neamar clan, and in particular by the Brazilian father's father, worried that no one will make an offer. seriously in Paris SG.

Tancredi Palmer, he's for him, he is, do not care about this Brazilian experience. " It is necessary to make a correction for this hearing about Neimar to Juventus, this maneuver is in the environment of Neimar, and more precisely his father, not the PSG. But I confirm, Neimar and Juventus, this is galactic nonsense "The Italian journalist, who only extinguishes speculation about the departure of Neimar Paris Saint-Germain for Juventus, is next.

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