Wednesday , September 28 2022

Qualcomm and Tencent Mobile Game Optimization Team and 5G


Mobile chip designers are increasingly interested in the gaming aspect of smartphones and are beginning to develop specific hardware and software platforms to offer an optimized experience.

Qualcomm has announced its first mobile SoC aimed directly at gaming Snapdragon 730G while also incorporating optimizations into your standard chips to ensure trouble-free operation, including avoiding falling frames or weakening the connection, frustrating situations for players.

Snapdragon 730G 02

The company had previously announced an environment Snapdragon Elite Gaming with its high-end SoC Snapdragon 855 (and now with Snapdragon 855 Plus) combining different features to ensure you can play the most demanding titles in the most fluid way possible.

SnapDragon 855 Elite Gaming

With such technical arguments, coming close to large mobile gaming studios was logical, and Qualcomm therefore announces an alliance with the Chinese group Tencent to optimize mobile gaming production on Snapdragon platforms, but also to prepare for future developments including Virtual and Augmented Reality and the power of 5G, another leading advantage for Qualcomm.

The two groups will join forces, which should lead to interesting developments while highlighting Snapdragon platforms, with the idea of ​​making it a gaming benchmark.

Tencent is also highly interested in the mobile industry and has multiplied partnerships with manufacturers to ensure the visibility of their most famous titles and their operation on mobile devices.

5G, with its very high bit rates and short latency, opens up new horizons for gaming, mobile or not, and can exceed (generally) the limitations of most modern technology.

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