Tuesday , August 16 2022

Quebec lived a lion king


Disney Studios have used Quebecker's work to get back The King of the Lion on the screen. Luis Morisset allowed the characters of Simba, Nala, Mufasa and Zazu to live in the new interpretation of the classic animated film.

Creating animals from scratch is not a small task. And make them talk. Thus, Luis Morisset puts 13 months of work to animate the characters in different sequences with a total duration of … 60 seconds.

"No animals were used for the movie, so everything was created by a computer. So yes, that's a lot of work. But it's also very nice when you think the movie lets people escape for two hours, "adds Morisset.

Many of them responded to the call Lion King since it was released in cinemas last Friday. In the first three days, Disney's new blockbuster has generated more than $ 2.3 million in Quebec.

Memories of childhood

The experience is especially important for Louis Morisset, who remembers seeing the original animated film published in 1994. this time recorded by Beyonce, Donald Glover and a company to give them life thanks to the animals in the jungle.

"I grew up with this movie, so it was really special for me to work The King of the LionI was very emotional when I was animating the character of Mustafa [le père du héros, Simba NDLR] because his voice was made by James Earl Jones, as in the cartoon, "he says.

Only 25 years old Luis Morisset is already working on huge names in cinema and television. Before joining the team Lion King, Québécois make their productions classes as A Wonder Woman and League of JusticeOn the small screen, he, among other things, helped to revive Mind Flayer, a prominent monster of the latest season of Strange things,


These experiences often made him work outside of Quebec. for The King of the Lionin London puts his bags until he finishes shooting. He then heads to Munich, Germany, where he is currently working on "the continuation of recent Hollywood production," which he has to silence for the time being.

"My work allows me to travel. Before London I was in Vancouver. And then, after Munich, I wish I could work in Australia or New Zealand to finish my world tour, "he laughs.

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