Sunday , June 13 2021

Ralph 2.0: Review at 56K


I can not remember Ready Player One discovering this Ralph 2.0, in which Ralph and Vanelopes discover an internet router that drives them into the mysteries of the global network. We remember that Stephen Spielberg's film was open on a long photo chain quotes and situations diverting the brands and emblems of the maniac culture, from Minecraft to Batman. And in many ways it is often said that Ralph is stuck, fascinated by this initial show and virtuoso.

In fact, Phil Johnston's and Rich Moore's film belongs to this sub-genre, which still stunts meta-movies, making its pop culture a sandstone. Unfortunately, we feel that the two directors are very embarrassing with the discourse that this type of business requires. Whether we like it or not Ready Player OneStephen Spielberg offered a point of view on totems of popular culture and their use in the capitalist industry to reproduce the same. It's hard to figure out what Ralph 2.0 I must say.

photoDisney's Famous Princesses

Between the necessity of positively presenting the Disney catalog (and above all putting it in all sauces), especially during the scene of princesses, too used during the promotion and huge clumsiness, the story and its message are gradually disturbed.

Thus, the Stormtroopers, curiously busy, are on the brink of presenting Disney as a totalitarian but progressive force (schizophrenia when you hold us)Youtube's vision is doing everything in its power to entertain, but it will get the situationists to switch to Cyril Hanoun's chroniclers, while Google's vision varies between the neon celebration and the hysterical nightmare.

picture Ralph 2.0Between the toy box and the supermarket


This indecision is reflected in the pieces of the film. So, a few months later, a thunderous car chase comes Vayana, the legend of the end of the world, confirmed that George Miller (Crazy Max: Fury Roadand Stephen Spielberg are still the unmatched horizons of the Hollywood creators. We know much worse models and when the action is racing, Ralph 2.0 always keeps the path, but the lack of inspiration, or rather the obligation to quote, is getting brighter.

As crushed by the subject, cruelly missing ideas and perspectives, footage is not a source of dissatisfaction. Technically everything is perfectboth in terms of animation, color pique, or rich textures that give the film a visual intensity, sometimes a bit overly, but never unpleasant.

photoTwo friendly characters

His pace is still on the way, many second strikes hit his mark The chemistry between his two heroes remains one of his great successesMuch more than the universe unfolds and commented, they are the ones the spectator is interested in, allowing himself to dream of finding them in a world less saturated with references where they will have the opportunity to fully exist.


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