Thursday , June 24 2021

Ramos sanctioned that he voluntarily took a yellow card?

An immeasurable pillar of Real Madrid's defense, Sergio Ramos remains the king of confusion. Merenge's captain was again on Wednesday night at the 8th Champions League final, won by Real on the Ajax Glade (2-1).

Knowing at the very end of the game (89th), just after the second Spanish goal from Asencio, the international game will be suspended for a match on March 5 in Bernabeu. Nothing stupid until Ramos summoned his yellow card in the mixed zone at the end of the match. While a journalist asked him if he had deliberately taken sugars, the Madriens, apparently proud of their coup, offered to.

"It would be a lie if I say no," he said, "we were at the 88th minute and I decided I would miss the return. […] I will support my team from the stands.

Jesus Crown has been approved by UEFA for similar facts

In reviewing the action brought by the card, Ramos's intentions are quite clear: the defendant grossly (and unnecessarily) blames Dolberg in the middle of the field before sending a few soft words out loud, the story of the good punished by the whistle.

But this assumption, beyond the slight lack of respect for the opponent (since Ramos is already imagined in the quarter), is problematic, because a priori is forbidden to seek a voluntary sanction and stop planning.

Only a few weeks ago in the Champions League, while Porto secured his eighth qualification, his lead Joshua Corona had also done to punish Schalke to miss the last day of the group stage and be quiet for the future. Except that UEFA had pressed the Mexican and had given him an additional game to stop, in addition to the planned packing of cartons. Hence his absence from the match list on Tuesday, in the 8th final, goes to the Roma. Will we go to such a case for Ramos?

Ramos tries to return to his words

The subject has undoubtedly seen the controversy, as two hours after the game he returned to his statements, saying on Twitter "not to force the box" and to be "more affected than anyone else" by this sanction. The thread is a little big …

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