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"Reading and seeing the sea is the very principle of rest"


The first is an actress, the second is a director. The two sisters, children of the bullet, are taking iodine intravenously in Truville.

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it's time to Game 6 min.

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Clémence and Maëlle Poésy, in Trouville (Calvados), on 5 June.
Clémence and Maëlle Poésy, in Trouville (Calvados), on 5 June. FLORENCE BROCHURE FOR THE WORLD

Clémence Poésy has translucent eyes and skin that gains the color of sand when it's cold. Mila, her sister, possesses an iris that resembles a sea urchin and wind energy when she finally sees the sea. This day is ugly. And then? She opens her lungs, as if after all this work she has accumulated in recent weeks – the creation of Under other skies, an adaptation of Aeneidof Virgil for the Avignon festival – he needed venous iodine. "And oysters! "she says. Trouville (Calvados), this breakthrough to the sea that we will search for the station of Saint-Lazare, "When you can no longer stand the smell of Paris" or continuous relocation during photos or rehearsal.

The first time we heard about Clémence Poésy, she was Fleur Delacour, the young saga of France Harry Potter, She was 23 years old, was in 2005. A student at the Conservatory, she took a sabbatical year and did not return ("It's a little regret that you left this space for experiments. I would have had another life, neither necessarily better nor worse, just another "). 36 years, twenty-five films to his credit, a film just completed in Estonia under the direction of Christopher Nolan and this summer, here's Elena in Uncle Vanya ridden in English, in Bath, by Rupert Everett, who also plays the lead role.

"We played a lot together as a kid"

Maëlle Poésy, her youngest two-year-old actress, also long attracted to the dance world, literally exploded as a director in 2016: " Miraculous connection, defends the young woman trained at the National Theater of Strasbourg (TNS), who presented three plays this year, including one for the French and one for the Avignon Festival. Like today, besides Avignon, she plays this summer in Lisbon and will present to Comédie-Française this spring 7 minutes, by Stefano Massini.

Two kids on the ball walking in the wind, all the happiness – Too rare these days – to meet again. On the beach, Clemence chose the location. Visible distance from a large building, an old hotel, Les Roches noires, where Marguerite Duras wrote. "Watching the sea means watching everything"said the writer.

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