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Recovering the facts about the Bintan Kamara murder: the famous date


The Binta Chamber case. July 31, coinciding with Wednesday's day, was selected by the investigator to restore the facts surrounding the murder of Bineta Kamara killed on May 18, According to the lawyer of the deceased's family, Me Musa Sarr,

Born May 14, 1996 in Tamba, Binta Camara was awarded a secondary school diploma in 2013 at the Mam Cheke Maby High School in the municipality before joining the Dakar Police School. After a few years in Dakar, she decides to return to the herd to help her mother, Ndoungou Diouf, who runs a large store specializing in tissue marketing, popular among women, on Tamba's central market.

Binta Camara

Binetta Kamara, 23, a daughter of Malal Kamara, executive director of the Local Development Agency (LDA), was found raped, killed and abandoned at home. She was buried in the cemetery of Sari Gilele and the body was raised in the local mosque in front of a large crowd.

On Wednesday, 22 May 2019, the arrest warrant was filed by Pope Alice Fall, the alleged assassin of the daughter of ADL Director-General Binetta Camara.

Pope Aliaon falls …

He is being prosecuted for intentional murder, deliberate assault, burglary and attempted rape. Pope Alicene Fole did not get a parquet return. He was sent directly to the Tambacounda (Mac) Detention and Punishment Center after his face-to-face meeting with the prosecutor.


"Reconstruction is an almost systematic act of blood crime, allowing the magistrate to deal with the versions of each and to ensure that actions are compatible with reality." Photos and transcripts are key elements during the hearing to present the facts and make them Investigative judges may need to carry out this type of procedure from their first post "

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