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Renewable energies continue to grow in Europe

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Wind turbines, solar panels, biomass installations and hydroelectric dams slowly but surely continue to increase their share of the European energy mix. According to data released Tuesday by Eurostat, Eurostat's share reached 17.5% in 2017 compared to 17% in 2016. It has risen in 19 of the 28 Member States. This dynamic, if it continues, should enable the EU to reach its target of 20% by 2020 and perhaps by 30% by 2030.

From one country to another the situation differs a lot. With more than half (54.5%) of its final consumption of renewable energy (ENR), Sweden has had the largest share in 2017, Finland (41%), Latvia (39%). Denmark (35.8%) and Austria (32.6%). Conversely, the lowest shares of ENR were registered in Luxembourg (6.4%), the Netherlands (6.4%) and Malta (7.2%).

Twenty-eight eleven have already achieved their national targets for 2020: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Sweden. In addition, Latvia and Austria are about one percentage point of their 2020 targets.

On the side of the most remote targets, we find the Netherlands (7.4 points from their national target for 2020) and … France (6.7 points from the 23% target within two years).

Share of renewable energies in the national energy mix of the Member States. Source: Eurostat

Among the most widely used energies, wood and other solid biomass, which account for 42% of production in 2017, have advanced. Secondly, wind energy exceeded hydropower for the first time by 13.8% against 11.4%.

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To note, Eurostat includes in its calculation "liquid biofuels" (also called agrofuels), which have just been categorized as the most dangerous for the environment, which contain in particular palm oil, such as "Unstable" by the European Commission. Liquid agrofuels account for 6.7% of 17.5% of European renewable energy sources.

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