Friday , July 30 2021

ResMed: ResMed is the AirFit N30i, ResMed's first premium CPAP mask, already available in the US

ResMed (NYSE: RMD, ASX: RMD) today launched the AirFit N30i on
the entire territory of the United States; this is his first
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Mask
continuous positive pressure) nasally with a connection at the top of the
head, with pillow-shaped cushion, newly designed,
placed under the nose of the person wearing it.

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AirFit N30i nasal CPAP mask, front view (Photo: Business Wire)

AirFit N30i nasal CPAP mask, front view (Photo: Business Wire)

Due to the connection at the top of the head, the pipe is not overloaded
the user, making him able to move and sleep
in each position. Swing-shaped nose pad
First on ResMed, it's designed to reduce the characters
face and irritation.

AirFit N30i is also suitable for equipment suppliers
sleeping laboratories; It is also suitable for 96% of users
of PAP with only two frame sizes and four sizes

Comparison between AirFit N30i and Best Nose Mask
market with a link at the top of the head

Parallel comparison showed three users
of four prefer AirFit N30i to the other nasal mask with a
connection to the top of the head. The majority of respondents point out
I love AirFit N30i and that was the device they would choose
to bring home, many of whom consider it "very convenient"
"Easy to use", or declaring that "causes a little interruption."
partner on your bed ".

AirFit N30i is an excellent choice for nasal masks
who move when they sleep, "says Jim Holingshead, president
from ResMed sleeping department. – That's first of all a question
freedom: consumers are free to sleep as they do
want and enjoy a comfortable and reliable seal. and
The AirFit N30i is so easy to install that the
sleep will be able to clear more time to take care of more
a large number of people. "

AirFit N30i is also available in Canada, Australia,
New Zealand and most European countries. Other countries
should follow later this year.

About ResMed

In ResMed (NYSE: RMD) (ASX: RMD), we are the pioneers in the
innovative solutions that can treat people and protect them
outside the hospital, allowing them to live with better health
Improved quality of life Our medical devices related to us
Cloud transforms care for people with apnea from
sleep, COPD and other chronic diseases. Our platforms
specialists for outpatient software support
and carers who help people stay healthy for their own
home or in the care environment of their choice. Preferably
better care, we improve the quality of life, we reduce
the impact of chronic diseases and cost reduction
consumers and health systems in more than 120 countries. for
To learn more, please visit and follow @ResMed.

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