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retired teacher wins 10,000,000 GNF / month in the year 2019 news from Guinea

The final presentation of the Mega Tombola Orange promotion, launched on December 17, was closed this Friday, February 1, 2019, the stadium on September 28, Conakry.

This ceremony took place in peace with the distribution of physical prizes to any lucky winner composed of: smartphones, phones, iPhone, PIXI tablets, Internet packs for one year.

But the feature that marks the closure of this Orange Mega Tombola Guinea promotion is this retired teacher who won the biggest party since the end of 2018.

Jean Felix Bangoura is his name and now owns the promotional jackpot Mega Tombola, which amounts to 10 million francs of Guinea at the end of each month in the 12 months of 2019.

Satisfied with this surprise, the teacher who served the nation for several years said: I am dry of expression because I am overloaded with joy, extremely telling and proud of my side of the fact that this comfortable structure encouraged some things that managed to realize them. It was amazing, it was a dream for me, it became a reality. I just want to invite the boys' sons to join the Orange Guinea Society.

For 53 years this is the first thing I have in my hand at a time of 10,000,000 fg in my life. I'm really happy because at the end of the month I will have 10 million in the 12 months of the year I've never seen before "

For his part, Alhashan Agac, Director of Marketing and Communication at Orange Guinea, will say: this is a promotion we imagined, an end-of-year concept that will allow our customers to enjoy a much quieter end this year to win a large number of players. We are very pleased to have won six thousand winners, to which Mr. Jean Felix Bangu is the last winner of the jackpot of this promotion. ".

According to him, there were several types of physical slots, smartphones, phones, iPhone, PIXI tablets, Internet packages … and finally the 10 million francs jackpot went back to the lucky winner Jean Felix Banguur. , " At the end of each month, he will receive 10 million Guinean francs by the end of December 2019 ".

Speaking of the way the mega lottery game went, he said it was enough to simply reload 5,000 Guinean francs so they are taken into account in the draw and the more you reload, the more you increase your luck,

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