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Rihanna chooses Lingala to advertise the brand "Fenty Beauty"


Kinshasa – The famous American artist has used Afro-punk sounds in Lingala to create his cosmetic brand in Asia.

"Fenty Beauty" is a cosmetic brand launched in September 2017 by the singer Rihanna. And for its exports to Asia, the American star of the song chose to advertise the installation of "Fenty Beauty" next September, sounds apo-punk. Rihanna plays with colors but also with music in Lingala. "The soundtrack is from the Paris duo Tshegué, whose Faty member was born of a Guinean father and a Senegalese-Congolese mother. She was born in Kinshasa and grew up there until the age of nine." Report the media.

Tshegué was revealed at the We Love Green festival and quickly flown with his excellent first EP "Survivor". But this is "Muana poto," released in 2018, which was chosen for this ad, which seems popular with Congolese twittos. Twitter's Lamuka's profile has even returned it. ", Article ACTUALITE.CD.

In the ad that advertises Fenty Beauty products in Asia, we see Rihanna herself, color patterns, Asian, African and some western faces. Then the sound that accompanies the pub is in Lingala. What congratulated the Congolese after hearing it! Rihanna's dice for this ad has been forwarded several times by Congolese and people who know this Congolese language before thinking about the brand itself.

From her full name Robin Rihanna Fenti Rihanna was born on February 20, 1988 in St. Michael. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, designer, businessman and American barabasian model. This 31-year-old artist produces numerous albums. She appears in several feature films and in 2017 she builds an empire around fashion and beauty. And this, thanks to her surname, becomes a brand of cosmetics and co-operation of lingerie.

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