Thursday , July 29 2021

Rosso-Senegal welcomes her daughter Awa Diop in a popular rendition

It's about 19 am on Wednesday that the procession, with the board, the little Awa Diop, is hosted in Rosso-Senegal from a human tide of nearly 500 meters.

Since the Cross Rosso-Richard-Tol, it consists of Jakarta motorcycles, horn concert halls, bicycles and even young people on foot. A resident of the Arab Arabic School in Santhiaba 3 district of Rosso-Senegal, a Senegal representative in 4th place in the international recitation contest of the Qur'an, who finished last weekend in Malaysia, had difficulties in extracting. of the car.

Everyone wanted to touch her, to see her, to express her pride to this worthy daughter of Rosso-Senegal. If it was not the courage of the organizers and the police, the hero of the evening would spend another few minutes in his car.

And this is a collective hysteria pierced by "Laa ilahaa ilaa laa", which shoots from the huge crowd when the balcony is raised (pictures) to congratulate and pray for all.

The Association of Pupils' School Parents is already engaged in the adoption of the planned Saturday afternoon, where the administrative bodies and some representatives of the Association of Imams and Elapses will take part.

The only false remark on this performance from Senegal, the total absence of the authorities at Blese Diane airport on the arrival of little Ava Diop with the other representative, Tieno Omar, Seidou Canel.

Madine NDAO

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