Monday , June 21 2021

ROVIGO and D & OR and DIAMANT are our favorites

The event on Wednesday, February 13th, will be held at the Côte d'Azur, Prix du Var, which gathers 16 contestants from 4 years of age and more, 2000 meters from the sand trail. We decided to place at the beginning of our ROVIGO selection, an element that has just shown its shape yet with a good margin of advancement in this type of tournament. He will have on his way the OR and DIAMONT, a protector of François Rohout, who did not have a good move. Then, ONE FORMALITY that can show us that it is almost as good on the sand as on grass. Mistrust. LANANA is brave, she still has to fight for access. COMBOURG will just have to repeat its last performance to work well. FURIOUS DES AIGLES would prefer a bit higher in our selection with a better number in the stalls. ROYAL BOWL has just finished fifth in one of the racing events he will try to do on Wednesday. Finally, ELLERMAN, which finished on the arrival of this test last year and will be equipped with an Australian turn signal, an accessory that has not been carried for a long time.

Christophe Ferland had some ratings last year regarding ROVIGO that she did not hesitate to run for Lisetd. On that day, he finished third in front of Masterpiece, an item worth more than 44 handicaps. After dropping, he just showed that he recovered a good level by finishing fifth in the reference event on January 21, as he inherited the wrong number in the stalls. Better placed here, it looks pretty solid base.

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As he was afraid of his environs, O'DRI AND DIAMOND, unfortunately, had not favored his number 14 in the stalls at the test reference January 21st. Moreover, Stephen Pasker, who was already his partner, had not pushed too far into line when he saw that his protégé could no longer play the leading roles. Previously, she had enjoyed the La Soie PSF in a lot of what was holding the way. Despite her 60 pounds and number 11 on the rope, after a good trip, it should not be funny. Warning.

This son of Spirit One turns out to be better on the grass, now we can see that in 2017 he finished third on this course of the policeman to the head of My Valentine! Delete your quote on Jan. 30, which according to his environment has an excuse. This time he will get full turn signals as in his two attempts to end the fifth season where he was placed. Maxime Guyon renews his confidence that it will not be surprising to see JUST A FORMALITY show us his real face. Mistrust.

Robert Collette's protégé seems to have found his way in the events where he has two excellent experiences. On Dec. 26, on Chantilly's sand, she finished the joking third without being very happy. In the quintet of a reference of January 21, at this course, she held with regard to Combourg and Rovigo for the third place. With a good number in the stalls this brave mare still has to fight for a good place.

Under the management of Mark Pimbone after his December 7 victory in the claim for PSF La Soie, COMBOURG seems to have reached a plateau. Winner of his new entourage, he confirmed that he took the fourth place in the reference event without taking advantage of the extremely favorable race. He inherited the right number in the stalls. By providing the same value as the latter, he can give reason to his mentor who sues him for competitive places.

This protege, Corinne Barbe, caused a surprise in September, imposing his law on the event at the Fonttenblo racetrack. Despite the revised value, he just proved to be still competitive in this category, finishing second in the January 22nd, defeating only the minimum of Allez Henri while he still did not take a very favorable course. Always at best, according to his surroundings, there is only his number 16 in the stalls that can prevent him from arriving.

The Turtle Bowl son, ROYAL BOWL, has never been as good as it is now. After his brilliant success on December 4, 2000 meters from PSV Vivaux before some interesting opponents, including Zanzibar, he repeated in January 22 on this course, finishing fifth and he still had a very bad number. This time he is much better placed. Charlie Rossi did not hide that he still had his best protege, and for him he had the word on Wednesday, so do not dismiss ROYAL BOWL.

Last year, while he was a coach to Patrick Hosian, he finished fourth in the same tournament with a value slightly higher than he was awarded. Richard Chottard, with whom he is now, advises us not to consider his last trip, especially since ELLERMAN is a little less striking on the grass. Finding your favorite distance and full turn signals, an accessory that was successful at the start of your career, ELLERMAN could be surprisingly pleasant.

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