Monday , June 14 2021

Royal Air Maroc: to the new Terminal 1 in Casablanca

Royal Air Maroc begins on Saturday, January 26, the transfer operation flights from Casablanca to the new International Airport Terminal 1 Mohammed V, opened on Tuesday, January 22 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

As part of the continuing development of the national carrier, the transfer to. T Terminal 1 will provide the center of the national carrier needed for the smooth running of the entire process associated with its flights, says the press release of the company. Terminal 1 will be so completely devoted to Royal Air Morocco and some airlines partners of the national airline. His whole activity, both international that the locals will be grouped there. The transfer of activity to the new terminal will take place gradually. First, and on Saturday, January 26, passengers will be accommodated traveling to Paris. Two weeks later, all flights to France will also be processed at the new terminal 1. Add flights to destinations in Africa by the end of February. Finally, the full transfer of business will be carried out at the end of March 2019.

The new special terminal of Royal Air Maroc will have a national airline modern infrastructure for its operations, which will also be beneficial partner airline operations. Consequently, the Terminal is important new facilities and equipment that will improve the experience passengers. The transfer to Terminal 1 will lead to a significant increase capabilities dedicated to the treatment of land travelers. Actually, Terminal 1 counts Additional capacity 115% on registration, 80% more on check-in contact and 50% more transit.

a new registration process

Royal Air Maroc mobilizes large investments to acquire equipment new, modern and efficient, offering many benefits to the passenger in it simplifying and facilitating the end-to-end registration process segments of his flight: counter, luggage, paper. Terminal 1 will be equipped with a new self-service process. This device 30 self-service pavilion and 12 boxes allow passengers to register independently from start to finish, inclusive registration, selection of seats, printing of boarding cards, weighing and registration of checked baggage and printing of baggage receipts. This service Liquidity and simplicity will significantly reduce waiting times tourists. With this major innovation RAM, Terminal 1 at the airport Mohammed V became the first airport in Africa to offer registration self-service from end to end.

The transit process is also optimized and benefits from an increase in substantial capacity compared to the existing device. The transit zone is equipped with new counters to assist RAM customers in the RAM formalities correspondence, giving customers three free terminals to complement the eleven traditional registration counters to reduce delays Wait. It also includes equipment designed for the comfort of passengers.

New automatic sorting system for luggage, VIP lounge …

In addition, Terminal 1 has a new automatic sorting system for luggage with a capacity of 7200 units per hour. Automatic sorting is reliable improved and positioned as an interruption from the manual sorting system current. It places the Casablanca center in line with the highest international standards handling of luggage.

Similarly, the new terminal has a new VIP lounge that adds to the VIP lounge from Royal Air Maroc to Terminal 2. Company customers will have access to two VIP salons. With an area of ​​over 1000 m2, the new VIP salon is gifted equipment for more comfort and passenger service. It is equipped, between others, a media room and a nursery (Children's room) entirely arranged so that the smallest passengers can have fun.

The development of Terminal 1 also takes into account the improved adoption of unaccompanied minors. It can accommodate 45 children, the new space 170 m2 offers the youngest passengers different activities adapted to their age. on Room features playgrounds, rest areas, catering and special toilets.

At Terminal 1, Royal Air Maroc established a new, well-located commercial agency and easily accessible to the company's customers. The new agency is gifted an electronic service area with self-service workstations designed to improve customer experience and reduce waiting times in the industry.

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