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"Saint John the God": Abbot of the meeting "angel" girl

It's a romance that ends with drama. The "guilty" relationship between the girl and the brother of the meeting became known. The consequences tell AS that the defendant, Joanna Pauline Dion, who was secretly in touch with Brother Cérile Moma, was pregnant.

So, in order to earn money, the lady who claims to be pregnant threatens to send her friend to one of her friends in the same church. It is believed that his threats have caused brother Cerile Moma of the convent "St. John of God" to commit suicide.

Hence, the appearance of Joan Dion in the Dakar Criminal Court yesterday for criminal plotting and extortion. His accused, Sokhna Dia, is persecuted for complicity with these leaders. The two ladies bear two years, of which one year ends if the prosecution is applied to the floor. The decision will be passed on 6 June.


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