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Segu and its Mysteries –

One of the attractions of the Niger Festival is its international fair with its diverse products. Like powder of baobab. The powder of baobab pulp, called monkey bread, is ideal against malnutrition. It contains 6 times more vitamin C than orange, 2 times more calcium than milk. It contains a large amount of phosphorus, iron, potassium, but also 11 amino acids. As for antioxidants, it is 4 times more potent than kiwi, 10 times more than orange, 15 times more than an apple. As a result, it protects the free radicals responsible for cancer. Very good for pregnant women, strengthens babies. Finally, it is a great help against osteoarthritis, fatigue, constipation. To get the best results, take 1 or 2 tablespoons a day for 21 days, repeat, if necessary, a connoisseur.


The curtains were painted during the festivities at the Niger Festival (Ségou Art 2). This year, the event took many blows due to several factors that caused a lot of confusion. Two weeks before the event no one knew whether it would be held in its usual form. The initiator is in the logic of doing Ségou Art 2. But faced with the insistence of the Segovians, he becomes the Festival of Niger, Ségou Art 2, instead of 15father edition. Instead of the "Usmane Jire" arts platform for all activities, the CMDT court was selected for all artistic and artistic performances. The fair and private restaurants stayed at the dock. At the heart of the anger of the sego- gists and other participants is that the audience is divided between two or even three places and the meeting lasted one week instead of two days.

Malick Sen, absent

Faithful among the believers, the High Council Against AIDS was shining from its absence at the Niger Festival. Abandonment of the role of awareness and advocacy for the benefit of young people during the festival. The High Council also intervened during concerts, giving them gadgets, condoms, and animated for a press conference. This year Malik Sen was absent, no one was seeing his team in Sego. Better Ségou's antenna had no stand. In any case, several participants noted the absence of the Supreme Councils for Combat.

General Salif Traori in Quakrou

Major General Salipe Traore and Major General Sidi Alastan Toure, Governor Major General Sidi Alasan Toure, were together in the Kakarou area on Friday, February 7, 2019. They visited the Fama camp (Mali armed forces). The deployment of the police, gendarmerie and the return of the administrative authorities in a progressive way were at the center of the exchange with the population. The Minister and the Governor have promised to do everything in their power to ensure people's peace, so that they can go to fairs without problems.

DDR applied

The Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) process began in the Mopti region. Its aim is to invite the armed groups of the center to deposit the illegally acquired weapon so that ultimately peace can prevail and be taken into account by the DDR themselves. Five thousand fighters have already been registered. In terms of weapons, more than 800 military weapons, 2 hunting rifles and traditional weapons and 2 grenades were recovered, according to Umar Diko, co-ordinator of the DDR process. To stick to his words, Safroulai's camp, Mopti, will be used to place the recorded items. In addition, 1725 were registered, of which 899 were declared fit and 404 were unfit. These are the former fighters of the signatory movements in the various Operational Co-ordination Mechanism Battalions (OMC) affected by the DR / accelerated integration process.

The Return of Deserters

The return of deserters from the Malaysian army began on Monday, February 4, 2019. They are dozens of armed movement fighters who were Malaysian army soldiers before being part of the 2012 rebellion that left Monday Timbuktu in the direction of Bamako, to return to the ranks of Malaysian armed forces and security forces. This, thanks to the provisions and decrees made by the government under the Peace Agreement. Those who return will not benefit from a higher rank, according to the military hierarchy. This is to avoid other problems. Because there are other soldiers who could ask for the same.


On February 7, 2019, very early three vehicles transporting fairgrounds to the Adióra Fair, the city of Oydenne, were the subject of armed bandits circulating on a motorcycle. They stripped the passengers of their belongings before they caught one of the vehicles. No cases of physical violence have been committed. It should be noted that Adira is 35 km north of Gossy. In Kidal, Aliu, about four o'clock, on February 6, a young Isa Adam was killed after a robbery of two armed men on a motorcycle who took his motorcycle. In the area of ​​Tombouctou, in particular in Goundam Echel, the fairgrounds are deprived of all their belongings on the Tonka-Goundam road. Many residents attribute these attacks to bandits.

4 dead in Gao

In Gao, on Feb. 6 at about 12:50 am, Armed Men in a Toyota Pickup car opened fire on four self-defense gadhan Gadan Isa. He was 4father a neighborhood not far from the Bureem security station on the Gao-Burem road 150 meters from the attack site of Kamikaze Baranne 1v July 2018 The four fighters died, all belonged to self-defense movements. Gao's people are angry that their calm is disturbed by armed groups that have nothing to do with them.

Mobilization for Yattabaré

Khalifa Yara, the lawyer of the Malaysian Muslim League and Mali scientists, said: "Musa Guido has confessed to the police that he is ready to kill the ICC, Mahmoud Diko and Abdin Gindo at the first opportunity." It is during a meeting under the theme "Iman Yatabare, your victims will not be in vain." The press conference, organized on Wednesday, February 6, at the Maison de la Presse, was an opportunity for the Malaysian League of Muslims and scientists from Mali (Limana) to call on the authorities to provide answers to the real motives for the murder of Imam Yattabare. La Limana, demanding the death penalty for alleged culprit Musa Gindo, has condemned the abolition of the death penalty in our country.

Union of Efforts

The country is still not calm, especially the CROO's circle. On February 5, 2019, in the Dioungani, the Barkhane forces carried out air strikes in the Sobankouma and Tangourou sectors. After these blows, a strong explosion and a few shots were heard. Malaysian army have arrested 13 jihadists in the forest of this sector. The strength of the G5 Sahel was in this area. On the same day, still in the same area of ​​Mopti, in Duenza, about 16 hours, a minibus carrying fairs jumped into an explosive device in the municipality of Haire on the Boni-Hombori road between Dagana and Yorbu, in the balance sheet one killed and seven injured; wounded were evacuated in Bonnie for treatment. According to our information, the van belonged to journalist Ismiaka Tambura, who was kidnapped in the area last December.

Bamba martyr

According to information received on the morning of February 5, around 9 am, a canoe with women and children turned over to Brum (Bourem Circle). It's a big wind that would be the cause of the rollover. Balance: 4 dead, children drowned. In the same municipality, in the village of Garbeme, around 5 am, armed people try to take drugs from the community health center (CSCOM). They were repulsed by fighters from local self-defense movements.

Kid Thief

One woman tried to steal a baby in CSREF in municipality II in the wireless neighborhood at five in the morning. Her name is Mathi Sidibe and she is married to the Missionary in the Kulibali family. Her parents are from Cuba and she is an actress in INA. She pretended to be a pregnant woman to gain access to the yard. She then passed through motherhood without success. She then wrinkled the hospital. The thief had caught the baby of a woman who had a caesarean section. After she had successfully climbed the wall, she faced a young man who went to the mosque and was suspicious. She tries to escape and hide in a garage under a car. It will be discovered and the baby is fine.

Breaking the rules

"I remember that since BAC, a young student in Financial Accounting during my first tax lessons, we were taught that over 50,000 FCFAs each payment or settlement has to be done by check or wire transfer to minimize risk of stealing or corruption and facilitating reporting and tracking … (50 million government money) The government statement states: (…) the financial support proposed by the government (…) means that no request for financial assistance was requested from the High Islamic Council or from Mahmoud de facto, is the same contractor who wants to accompany the organizers of the meeting, and this financial support should usually come from the Minister of Supervisor and not from the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister The decision was made at the Council of Ministers? The government's statement says: (…) As always (…), that means they are used to doing such a thing. "Mahmoud Diko says in his video:" The Prime Minister has announced the sending of 100 million FCFAs. "Why did not he give up on the place the financial contribution? Does the grant refund because it has not received the 100 million promised? Why does the prime minister not send the promised amount at the same time? Would he send the rest? Nobody knows it. What is certain is the two sides; Mahmoud Diko wants to hurt government actions (he has not hidden it lately) and vice versa. The prime minister also wants to kill Diko and the High Islamic Council, and this financial contribution is just a poisonous gift.

Bamako Forum

The forum is scheduled for February 21-23 with a major debate on food security on February 20th: "We are organizing with the Moroccan Policy Center of the OCP now called the New South Policy Center," said Abdala Kulibali, Chairman of the Bamako Forum Foundation. He added, "For information, I have to sign a partnership with the French economists on February 12, whose patrons and a strong delegation will take part in the 19th Bamako forum, AFD is also a partner this year." His director Thomas Melonio will come with a strong team to participate in the forum Thank you in advance for your brotherly accompaniment Help us succeed in this edition as you know how to do it if you want And I know you want to help me.

Sally's dead

Artist Sally Sidibe no longer exists. She died as a result of a long illness in Bamako. Born in 1959, Sally Sidibe began her career with her first album "Dear Vassulon". His musical style is usually traditional from his native region. In the early 1980s he included the National Instrumental Ensemble of Mali. It became popular in Mali thanks to Toukan Magni, which is a big hit in the country. Wassoulou Foli is his first album sold internationally. His discography is composed of seven albums: "Dear child of Vassolon (in 1980); 1982: Great, 1988: Tounkan Magni, 1993: Daya International, 1993: From Timbuktu to Gao, 1993: Wassoulou Foli, 2000: African Union. Sali Sidibe died on 8 February 2019 in Bamako at the age of 59.

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