Tuesday , June 22 2021

Semi-finals of CAN U20 Niger 2019: Four rivals … a cup

sport After the group stage played at the General Seyne Kunche stadium for Niamey for Group A and on the lawn of the Maradi Group for the B group, the four teams ranked for the semifinals of this KAN in less than 20 years will cross Wednesday in Niamey in double confrontation: Nigeria-Mali and Senegal-South Africa The praise of these four candidates for the 2019 trophy championship is quite impressive and preaches a great fight on Wednesday afternoon.
The Lion Cubs of Senegal made an unparalleled mileage, gaining three victories for so many outings. They even won their third match in this group phase of CAN Total U20 Niger 2019, defeating the cannons of Burkina Faso with an undefeated score of 5 to 1. So the coach's coach Yusuf Dabo logically ended at the top of group B. Excellent record for this first Phase: 3 wins in 3 games, 9 scored goals for only 1 in a row. President Augustine Sengor can be proud that he has already been able to find the best combination of Ray, which can replace the Lerons of Terranga for several years. Sergine Dargani, the Burkinabee coach, admitted that his third game against Senegal is the most difficult for his team. – I knew it automatically. Personally, if we can sign a package and come back, I would want to do it. Because I knew it would go in all directions. Here are the young boys who take two defeats and can no longer qualify against a team that has won everything on the pitch and scored goals. When both teams compete, there is not even a match. We can not hope for anything. Surely there is one team going to the other, "he added. And the little ones went to Burkina Faso's poor stallions. The defeat that accelerated the fall of coach Dargani.
At the same time, Aiglons of Mali, in the outbreak of pride, beat the Black Satellites with 1 goal to 0, receiving a ticket to the semi-finals. Back to the wall, the Malians were realistic in this game, having managed to lock in and lock their base back. With this score of 1 goal to 0, Aiglons win the black satellites and thus receive the second qualifying ticket of Group B for the CAN U20 semi-finals. South Africa Amajitha qualified after a 1-0 victory over Burundi in their last match of the African Cup of Nations 2019 in Maradi. And thanks to the penalty gained in the 9th minute and turned by Luke Le Ru after James Tabiso Montagne was cut into Burundi's penalty box. The victory places South Africa in second place in two points in Nigeria, which defeats Niger before qualifying for the semi-finals. Despite Group A favorites, Nigerian flying eagles did fly very low at the last meeting of the group with Meena Niger. During this meeting he stops to seal the fate of the Nigerians. Indeed, in the 73rd minute of the free kick on the right side of the Nigerian defense, Amudu Ibrahim Alhashan with a dry shot in the far post paces at the foot of Mena Hade Lavali. With 1 goal to 0, the strength and experience of Nigerian coach Paul Osshoon Eiggoogun finally made the difference by sending Mena to his costly research. Against Mali this afternoon in the collision of eagles, Nigerians will be forced to fly much higher if they plan to return to Abuja with this continental trophy.

Oumarou Moussa (onep)

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