Tuesday , September 28 2021

Seydou Guèye: "Opposition is preparing for defeat"

XALIMANEWS: The Republican Alliance (APR) National Executive Secretariat (Sen) held a press conference at their headquarters at Mermoz. Thus, party spokesman Seydou Gueye was not soft with the opposition that he actually shot. Indeed, Apr's voice has returned to the controversy over natural resources which he described as "useless". He asked opponents who did not know the difference between oil and gas to approach the government well to have the right information. Then, regarding the election file, it calls to an order against opponents who claim the file. "The file cannot roam the streets," said the spokesman, chestnut beige and warned that there would be a date when the validated candidate would receive the file. In addition, in the mining sector, he has discussed Tosyali files with Falémé deposits. Thus, he deplored "a lot of noise without reason" and still fought with opponents who did not know the difference between mining and industrial cases. With that, he defeated their statement saying he could not sign a contract several months from the end of his term. "He is within the legal framework of his mandate so he has the right to sign" he defended himself before continuing: "the time argument does not apply". According to Seydou Guèye "the opposition is preparing for defeat" for the next presidential election.

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