Thursday , June 24 2021

Sheikh Alassan Senne supports Idrisa Sek

Senegalese, Senegal, dear compatriots and hence from the Diaspora It was time, this favorable moment when, with duty to you, I decided to publicize my choice among the five candidates kneeling before more famous missions: chair the Senegalese fates … Times are tough, Senegal is outraged, the future of his children is more than ever compromised. My country, our homeland, is shaken by unprecedented political uncertainty. The report is clear, the republic is bad, the social differences have become metastasized, because the regime is trying to give power to its insecurity, trains all the lessons from the reference values ​​of the main meetings of our history, especially the noble attitude of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba on his return from exile or the great Thorodo Revolution of Tienno Suleiman Baal from 1776. Today we have a sense of shame because this same regime pours into an intimate agreement with his clan, awakens our fears and inflicts our hope. And we have never seen deviations and financial scandals on such a large scale. Governing the affairs of the Republic is not a child's play, it does not deal with privacy, even if its rules are kept secret. It should not be a family or a family. This is the work of all. For days and days I was thinking a lot about the decision I had to make, and about the future of my country, at a time when the processing of its frontal part became so powerful. The previous rector of the mosque in Paris, Honorable Hamza Bubakar, said two decades ago that Senegal would become Eldorado and that it was enough for his sons to go there, to pay more attention to their famous religious leaders. And thank God, this deadline is already over us, today more than yesterday and certainly much less than tomorrow. I met the candidates and their emissaries, I saw them, dedicated patriots, Senegalese, valiant citizens, loving peace, but at the same time they insisted on seeing our republic save the obstacles that strangled her. more than half a century. We exchanged for Senegal that we intend to build together and never exclude anyone. And God knows that they are all driven by a strong desire to serve us. And during the election I would like to weigh my freedom to choose and accept it. You will also understand that no one will dictate my political choices, even if they are unpopular, and in that case it will not be because I decided to stay in the camp of people I can not tear away and who wants in my a vast majority, find a safe alternative to alternation, through universal suffrage, which will undoubtedly determine our common destiny. Verbal terrorism, sentimental pressure and militant escalation will have little impact on our efforts. We will make them impregnate all responsibility, accept and share with all our compatriots, in the form of a civil uprising against this presidential oligarchy. We have our agenda and nothing will change it. That is why I decided, on behalf of our Daj Dëpp Movement, to join Candidate Idrissa Seck, with whom we share the same vision of Senegal that we want to build and which will make the dream of the whole world. My choice is not driven by emotions, because for me the reflection must go beyond the passions, the great responsibility and that is what our young nation will advance. We are ready to win this election and we should not fail against this adversary in an open conflict with his people. And I know we can face such a challenge. Then our victory will be based on intelligence based on faith, counseling and observation, far from any mindlessness. For months, during my tours across the country, so many Senegalese in my project to rehabilitate Senegal in the face of history and give it the glamor she deserves, and never, ever, will not pass on. My Dear Compatriots, here are the three signs of finishing power: physical capacity, colossal financial power and popularity. The more he embodying him is embraced by artificial illusions, the more his fall is fatal. And of course, these veils hinder the views of every reckless and vindictive leader. When the Lord says that he is the one who grabs the power, he speaks to the one who sticks to him, and who exercises it only through the bars of cruelty. So we are all together with the Coalition "Go 2019", we are building strong Senegal, where we will live with equal dignity, thrive. We will mark and clear our lands so that they are green and bear spoiled fruits accessible to everyone in the midst of our imagination and ambition. To all the activists of the Daipe movement, to our sympathizers, friends and relatives, be prepared to lead the struggle of the people with me, along with candidate Idrisa Sek. That is why a third alternation has to take place and definitely to germinate in our thoughts, that is my intimate conviction. Dear Idrisa Shek, dear compatriots, My membership in your coalition is only a logical continuation of my civil struggle. I did not want to go quickly to work or play stronger than the wind, announcing this choice at untimely times. Sometimes it is sensible to observe and withstand the convulsions of time so that the ideas sprout, clear the doubts and give way. So I decided to keep silence, observe and let the same time run a marathon calm before fixing this choice, which was from the outset clearly in my mind. You are a youth candidate, a father for her, women, change, masses and intellectual elites. You are also a candidate of Senegal for the depths and your time is at the right time. We are going in this direction, we will fight the campaign on your part, with a winning spirit, only a winner. My dear compatriots, I urge all the forces of the nation to join massively with Idrisa Sek's uniting approach and his overarching vision of pulling our country from the unclean hands of an aging system that works inversion of the decision of the sovereign people to benefit from golden the republic and deliberately harm our basic cultural values. To Live Alliance Daipe – Rewmi To Live Coalition Go 2019 To Live Senegal To Live Africa Sheikh Alassan Senne Pdt Mvt "Give Dood" Shasty4Idy

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