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Social networks are breaking omerta – Rewmi

Commissioner Bara Sankare, a police officer, was reportedly fired yesterday for assaulting a pharmacy doctor, Dr. Cheikhouna Gaye.

In addition, in a statement released to the public, police assured that "" It will not make any effort to prevent such incidents in the way its various units are served "" not without having previously certified it "All disciplinary action has been taken."

Police, who also contact pharmacists, are part of the reconciliation process.

This means that the Ministry of the Interior is particularly sensitive to the wave of outrage generated by this case, which is a case of abuse of power. Because apparently the police officer has exceeded his prerogatives, abused his power by using bullying, influence on the trafficking of children, violence against others, not justified by the coercive actions of the state, etc.

This fact is even more inexplicable as it is a senior officer, a police commissioner who is trained and experienced in the possible consequences of abuse as part of his function. He manages a police station, which means he is responsible for managing, directing and correcting abuse cases, especially by agents who are less well trained than him.

Being guilty of himself is a serious problem of approach between citizens and those responsible for their safety.

In fact, one may wonder why some elements of the defense and security forces view citizens? Why, sometimes, in this way, do we perceive them, welcome them with contempt, even for simple administrative formalities? Why is this sometimes futile violence to which Dr. Mbake and many others who have problems with justice have been victims?

Questions and many more that pose major problems and whose answers may come from colonization. We have inherited police officers and gendarmerie supporters of a colonial regime so authoritarian for which there are citizens of Series A and citizens of Series B.

The security forces were the hand of an authoritarian colonial state. Independents, we strive for something else.

Now these practices, denounced today, are more common than we think. Sometimes we feel that the uniform gives those who wear it a sense of superiority and offers unwritten privileges to citizens.

What has changed now is social networks. They are the ones who broke the dead.

In fact, in the search for evidence, the arrest of suspected criminals, it is not uncommon for some to exhibit an excess of diligence that annoys even their colleagues.

But there are no more taboos on social networks. We shoot and make facts available to the general public, who ultimately has supreme power. So the Omerta is broken. Everyone ends up getting to know each other.

Therefore, all Jack Bauers of the police or gendarmerie, since they are a bit of a horse with the regulation, have to pay the broken vessels one day or the other.

You can do your job with tenacity and rigor and with respect for citizens and their rights.

It is this necessary and useful dosage that must be maintained at all times, even if the forces in question have a cloudless task, sacrificing themselves day and night and are poorly equipped with materials and logistics.

This means that the Commissioner has certainly made a mistake or mistakes, but we cannot insist on the ingratitude of dismissing everything in connection with everything he has done for the population of the Plots and Senegal.

If we call it Cobra, it is because it prevented offenders from sleeping.

In short, no one is perfect. Even serious mistakes can be made at any time.

But the hierarchy will need to watch over the grain to take the necessary steps and turn the page.

Because only trust, love, solidarity and mutual respect can exist between police, gendarmerie and citizens.

And everyone must work to cultivate oneself for the good of all.

Asan Samb

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