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Sokhna Aïda Saliou Thioune's beautiful gesture for the Taliban


10/08/2019 at 18:30

In order to allow many of the Tibetan Taknes Taliban to pass through the Tabas, Sokna Aida Saliu Tioune, the wife of Sheik Betio, the Jew, the universal sheik, proceeded to distribute sheep to them.

This charitable act, inherited from Sheikh Betio Tioun's long history, is well appreciated by the Taliban, Jews who are very happy with the gesture that came in his day. This time Sokhna Aida Saliou Thioune reverses the trend. At Khadiya's place, she gives the Taliban knowledge of the big tabaski bets, with all the costs involved.

Here are some reviews from the Taliban "Tiantakunes" who have made use of these donations like no other …

As a reminder to Sokna Aida, Salio Tiune, the wife of Sheik Betio Tion, in his capacity as Degreen, universally acknowledged by the Taliban of the late Sheik Betio Tion, declared his good and noble will to continue the work of the late Sheik Betio Thioune. .

For this reason, as every year Sheik Betio Tioun, on the occasion of every Tabasca, she brought hundreds of sheep to the great homes of Mourides, to the "jaws" of the Sheikh, to some members of his family, but also to Tuba in general, part of this tabasco 2019.

Today, in addition to the aforementioned, she offered dozens of Taliban sheep and Jewish tiantacuns because of this tabasco to perpetuate the connection that the marabut maintained with his students, who saw in his man the familiar leader of his incomparable splendor.

Sokhna Aida Saliou Mbacké, aware of the connection between her late husband and her Taliban, will surely never put the torch in her hands. Supported by the true Taliban of the Sheikh, his mission has allowed her to continue the work of her leader …

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