Tuesday , June 15 2021

Sonko's confidence in the test

The National Assembly, to use it as an oil elbow, will catch the rabbit that Oswane Sonko has raised in the 94 CF CFA case. It is clear that on Friday, on Friday, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning told President Mustafa Niasse that his department was ready and ready to answer all MEPs' questions on this issue, as requested by the Chief of the Parliamentary Assembly group, Aymérou Gningue.
This means that Sonko's trust and brand image are put to the test just a few days before the start of the presidential campaign. Pastef's leader, who claims to have taken advantage of the prosecutor in a complaint, is struggling to prove that he is not at the center of a treacherous conflict of interest. If all the evidence, known or hidden, held by his accusers is shown in the square, on television, in a big audience, the presidential candidate, in Richard Nixon's clothes, can invoke the presidential ambitions at the Fourth Week. Not because the Tahirou Sarr group will surely come out of this snow white test, but because of the many controversies that come to break the enemy's defense line. At the discretion of this person, he could present the words that took place in a memorable press conference until he explicitly accused Mamur Diallo of having stolen an amount of 94 billion without more details. We recall that a few days after Madambal Diane's distortions against Mamadu Ibra Kane, he had problems on the set of 2S TV to negotiate his Atlas de Mercalex. Unfortunately, he will be depressed by the audio recording in which he admits he has an interest in this file, who knew global media impact. Closed, he said with fire and wild applause in his unconditional manner that a payment of 46 billion F CFA was made. Mamour Diallo replied that this was untrue when it revealed in the columns of L Observateur that only 3 billion CFA francs were released. The case of the alleged dismissal of Pastef's headquarters (a country whose leadership knew of the departure of the property director with a major start compared to the Senegalese lambda) would drown the fish. Does not matter! In front of the deputies, Smoke Sonko will no longer escape. If he misses his oral speech, the effect of the boomerang on his courage will blur his postulate speech to the presidency of the republic and will do the work of his competitors. On the contrary, if he does well, by being able to prove that Mamur Diallo and Co are "thieves", he will be educated.
The question now is how much Sonko can be listened to by the National Assembly until the beginning of the campaign.

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