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South Africa honors Johnny Clegg

Singer, composer, dancer Johnny Clegg has married South African rhythms with pop melodies and used his music as a weapon against racism and apartheid regime. In South Africa he is considered a national hero.

In interviews and concerts, Richard Nomba, a radio-presenter based in Johannesburg, regularly traveled with Johnny Clegg. He remembers his courage while fighting the apartheid laws. " At 17, he formed his band, Juluka. It was a direct challenge to the apartheid government. The white ones lived on one side and the blacks on the other. So those who played together seemed like a fair hand! At this time, it must be remembered that everything can happen, it may have been killed. "

Because Johnny Clegg was inspired not only by Zulu's music but also by his culture as a whole, in which he fell in love. " He is one of the first whites who want to play what is considered to be "lower" music, black music. But he made the black tongues honorable. Just like dancing and culture! "

Music as a weapon against apartheid

In 1987 compiled "Asimbonanga," a song in support of Nelson MandelaIn South Africa, Richard Nomba remembers how he became a weapon for fighting the regime. " Through music, he realizes people. Azimongang in Zulu means "we have not seen it". Not only did we put this old man in jail, but we also forbade him to post his photos! This has shown how repressive the government is. "

He took the risks. We lost someone who plays an important role in South Africa.

Johnny Clegg's death: The reactions of the musician Sam Talbanalla

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Sebastien Zedor

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South Africans are mourning

Born in an immigrant family, this famous musician was actually an anthropologist during his studies. The philosopher Achille Mabbe, who has met him several times, is bitter by the musician's disappearance and resistance.

His passage marks the end of an era.

Death to Johnny Clegg: Reactions of the writer and professor Achille Mebbee

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Michel Arseneault

During her career, the singer has sold more than 5 million albums. He stopped singing after a long farewell tour, concluded a few months before his death.

He was a pioneer. Today is a sad day for South Africa.

Death to Johnny Clegg: South African reactions in Johannesburg

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Noah Hosse-Bodin

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