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Startup Pulse race in Amiens: what have become winners since last year?

54 hours to start. This is the concept of Startup Weekend, renamed Startup Pulse this year in Amiens. From 25 to 27 January, young project managers are invited to Quai de Innovation to present their concept, work on it as a team, and finally to convince a professional jury. The opportunity to ask what happened to the winners of the 2018 edition …

HOJA taxis: "soon"

On March 18, Ursula Ndombele, Valentin Fonten, Magali Bouyasadila and Jeffrey Da Encarnakao won the Startup Weekend. Their project: HOJA, a type of UBER, especially safe for large African cities in particular, allowing users to ensure the reliability of taxis.

Presentation of the Hoja concept

10 months after his victory, Hoxha is present in Amiens this weekend for the start-up impulse and desires "luck" candidates in TwitterBut the start-up business has not yet completely transformed the process itself.

His site promises "Users" and "Globetrotters" from "with confidence to take a tax in African megacities", Text followed by reference: "app coming soon", However, in the spring of dances, a kitten online was open and quickly closed, being collected only 171 euros. On June 6, Hoja's team thanked the eight participants and announced "cancel this campaign because HOJA & FAM makes a new CAP",

End of history? No!

Ursula Ndombele has created her HOJA company. The company is headquartered in Amiens, has 17,000 € capital and 0 employees. In July, Hoja was selected to join the Amiens Incubator and thus gain access to the Quai de l'innovation and Amiens Cluster's premises. At the end of August, we learned that the start-up business has already succeeded in realizing "DRC tests" (Democratic Republic of Congo) and will enter early September in "acceleration phase",

From … more. On HOJA's Facebook page, the latest post dates back to November 21, 2018. This is an interview with an interview "These young Congolese who aim high", The text recalls the impressive summary of Ursula Nodbele: it works for several companies, including Orange, she "Free French, English, Portuguese, Lingala, Kikkono" and she has "conducted in several countries (RSA, France, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Morocco, Malaysia, etc.)" His company? Hoja is quoted as "Project", "Setting", without further details of its progress.

Hoja's Twitter account cites the interview, accompanied by a hesychast: #comingsoon. Then, patience.

Pottago: wait for the spring

In the second place last year, Potago will be a platform for direct sales of fresh local products through connected refrigerator cabinets, available 24 hours a day.

Here again the news – at first glance – is not fresh. In social networks, the latest publication, directly related to the launch, dates back to August 29: a video presentation of the concept, in connection with the entry of Pottago into the Amiens Incubator. If there is a website, Potago also pays "soon"on the home page.

The calm before the happy storm?

Connected, the Potago founder tells us that her team (three people) will soon reinvest social networks. Reason: the platform can be started "in the spring" ! "It took about 10,000 euros to make the first roll, and we took them"says Daniela Chana, who has since won another contest, Agreen Startup. "We are still looking for more, so we will do more races this year, but the platform is ready for 80%, we just started the race because the autumn-winter season was not very appropriate."

Starter has integrated the Amiens Incubator and says "well supported by the Chamber of Agriculture"What, probably "covering the Somma Department" since the application started. "Then we'll see how users behave, but the model is easy to play"says the entrepreneur, cautious but confident.

Presentation of the start-up project "Potago"

Horizontal Horizon: next to Scrap …

At the smallest step of the dais, Val Horizon wanted to connect craftsmen to store, sell, and remove waste too often "Forgotten",

Today, the stubbornness of wild landfills, especially in Wazza, suggests Wal-Horizon has not solved the problem. Of course … because the project is abandoned! No website. No page on social networks. No company created.

According to Daniela Chana, young people who are implementing the project "I did not want to go on because a team member went to Canada for 6 months." Others can resume their idea?

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