Monday , October 3 2022

Sunday, the five ice cubes number 14 on the day of the quintet will be the basis of Turfomania


16 athletes will compete today in the Longines Handicap National Day, a quiz to support the quintet of the day, at a distance of 2000 meters in Longchamp.

Five Ice Cubesnumber 14 in the afternoon afternoon at Longchamp will not be missed.

The foundation of the Turfomania game at the Quinté de Dimanche in Longchamp

Five Ice Cubes (14): The disciple of D. Siva, Five Ice Cubes showed his limits at a higher value, but improved his condition and remained in good trials at this level. I just won in a race and found El Maniffico with a weight advantage before their last meeting to take revenge. Well placed at the bottom of the table and in the stalls, its place is at the finish.

Total statistics for the five ice cubes

  • Competitions: 16
  • Won: 3
  • Placed: 7
  • Winning success: 19%
  • Succeeded: 44%

Five ice cube statistics of interest

  • Path: 1
  • Victory: 0
  • Placement: 1
  • Profitability: 0%
  • Success: 100%

Five ice cube statistics with DEMURO C.

Five ice cubes will be associated with DEMURO C with which he has a success in the top 3 of 0% (0 in 1 run)

To see the list of starters, predictions and the past of the Quinté Plus race for the day: click here

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