Wednesday , August 10 2022

Tamsir Sane, who is not addicted to the death: "The forces of the Order must be endowed with appropriate equipment"


DACCAR, July 29 (APS) – The unequal pole representing parties that do not belong to the government or the opposition calls for an acceleration of "defense-and-security" personnel with the appropriate technique after the death of the commander of the Kumpetun gendarmerie brigade, Major-Adjutant Tamsir Sane.

"The unequal pillar encourages public authorities to continue and accelerate defense and security personnel with sufficient staff and adequate equipment," his staff wrote.

They responded to a statement on the death of the commander of the Kundentum gendarmerie brigade, Major-Adjutant Tamsir Sane, killed Thursday night on Friday during an intervention after a post-rooting attempt at this settlement located a hundred kilometers from Tambacounda.

The commander of the gendarmerie brigade was killed in the exchange of fire with the attackers who then escaped. Two more injured people were counted, including a mail alert.

"This despised act must be the subject of a diligent investigation so that the perpetrators are arrested and punished in the midst of their crime," wrote the leaders of the poles of the non-aligned, adding that they "learned with great surprise and sadness the killing of the commander" Sane.

Pole of the untied says to bend "in front of the commander of the brigade commander Tamsir Sane and expresses his sad condolences to his family, to the national gendarmerie, and to all Senegalese people and prays for the rest of his soul."

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