Sunday , June 20 2021

Tesla wants to launch autonomous taxis in 2020

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San Francisco (AFP)

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, said on Monday that the electric car maker intends to offer an independent car reservation platform in 2020.

"I can declare autonomous + robotaxis + for the next year with a high level of security," said Elon Musk, during a day of presentation to investors of plans and ambitions of Tesla for autonomous driving.

The idea is based on the principle of the Uber car reservation platform, but in this case … without the driver.

He believes he is authorized to launch this service in some parts of the United States, provided that the current owners of Tesla, who already have independent functions, are ready to play.

Musk, who promotes Hyperloop's high-speed futuristic high-speed train and wants to colonize Mars with SpaceX missiles, said Tesla would create an application that would allow the participating owners to take advantage of it.

"The benefit of the vehicle is multiplied by 5," he said.

The manufacturer has also unveiled a PCB that has to ensure "completely autonomous driving".

This computer and the new electronic chip that will be the brain will be installed in all Tesla, although fully autonomous driving still has many technical and legal obstacles to overcome before it can be summed up.

These vehicles over time do not meet the definition of "level 4" autonomous driving (the car only manages, but a person is present to take the hand if necessary), a fortiori at "level 5" (no human presence).

Musk also said that with Tesla's technology, drivers "will not have to touch the wheel again" early next year.

Tesla is competing with many companies, such as Uber, the world's number one driver booking car, but Waymo (Alphabet / Google), which is already testing an autonomous taxi service in Arizona (south).

Lift, rival of Uber in the United States, also announced at the end of 2017 a full-scale test for car-free cars with some customers in Boston (East).

Most major carmakers also work on the stand-alone car.

The stock market was not impressed, and Tesla's shares lost 3.85% on Wall Street.

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