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TFC: when you don't want to laugh … – 11/11/2018


A stab from one of the players (opened the score signed by Blin, on loan), a goal that was rejected after several setbacks: Toulouse was unlucky. But bent for the third time in 4 matches.

Straight out of Picardie's cage following the miracle wrapped in Gradel (3), three magic stops by goalkeeper Régis Gurtner (13 on a shot from Gradel's right foot and then Bout-porte's resumption of course covered Moubandjé's corner, 25 on a crossed head from Manu Garcia, 90 + 4 on the Gradel bend). Meanwhile, the former punch: Alexis Blin, was loaned mid-September to ASC by Téfécé, Tanda – without celebrating and almost apologizing, but it was important (0-1, 27)!

A crisp penalty for the Monconduit hand that protects itself, against left Durmaz (45). Gradel's goal, still him, was rejected by the video because of the offside size of Dossevi smugglers (66). Finally, in extra time (we weighed our words, we played the 96th minute), the chisel that always returned from the Haut-Garonne captain pushed back on its line by the Monconduit pectoral, obviously …

Defense is still reworked!

There is a night like that. Where nothing benefits you. This is the case for Toulouse who were more personal at the last moment – the list continues – Steven Fortes, was forced to give in to a muscle injury. Requires Alain Casanova to reconstitute her defense (center, in particular): Amian, broadcast by Moreira, slides in the same direction as during the opening of a sad memory ball at the Stade-Vélodrome in Marseille (1, 0-4).

In short, it will be recognized that when we "punish" the players, we are really upset, at the Stadium which has been emptied a little later than usual, for distribution of records. Difficult, earnest, blaming the team – even though it might be missed biting in the first fifteen minutes of the second period. In addition, he tried almost everything: Jullien played as a midfielder in the last 10 minutes and Reynet went into the box at the last corner. The man who needed the umpteenth way for the VAR with Max-Alain Gradel's acrobatic volley deflected by Thomas Monconduit's upper chest. There are no hands. Not. And indeed there is a prohibited position from Matthieu Dossevi (from the micron but there is) in the realization of Tef at the time of Devil: 66, it was not found …

Failed with VAR

So we chose Régis Gurtner man of the match, we could have chosen as much as possible the video assistance for arbitration that we did not remember that had been used frequently in the L1 meeting this season … So, because they did not stay on their little bus, let's quote it: MM. Thomas Leonard and Alexandre Perreau-Niel were yesterday's two assistants from Mr. Wattellier. His eyes, what?

This morning, TFC has its own cry.

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