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The appointment of Aminata Toure does not interfere with Aminata Tall's relations with President Macky Sall (Mamadou Sidibé)

The section of APR Kaolack's activists, linked to Ms Aminata Tall, renews her attachment and loyalty to the latter, whose link to loyalty is over a decade.
In a statement, she is delighted with the long and great complicity that has always been celebrated by the companionship of Amina Tal and President Mackay Sal. The complicity and trust that led to the rejection of Mrs Aminata Tal's candidacy for the candidate, Mr. Mackay Sal, during the presidential election in 2012, the complete disintegration of Set Sessal's movement within the APR. November 14, 2012 in the Palace of the Republic. This led to the appointment of Ms Aminata Tall as State Secretary, Secretary General of the Presidency in 2012 and her second appointment as President of the Economic and Social Economic Council (EESC) from January 2013 to May 2019.
Setal Sellal became the first movement or party that was disbanded in APR and President Aminata Tall, the first woman to run the EESC.
Through hard work and hard work, Pte Aminata Tall and her team managed to make this institution a national showcase and international reference to the great satisfaction of Pte Macky Sall, who had to congratulate her many times.
His replacement by Amina Toure at the EESC does not interfere with his good relations with President Mackay Sal. Mrs. La Presidente, as a good believer, knows that God is the only one who decides the fate of the people. Ms. Aminata Tal is a precious woman, endowed with immeasurable dignity. She always bears ethics and morality on her shoulder.
The arrival of Prime Minister Amina Toure (Economics PhD) headed by CESE is part of a great succession, given her university education, her experience in managing public affairs and politics, her political roots, and her stringent workload.
The abovementioned qualities argue in favor of this high-ranking international employee, whom we welcome and many successes in his new mission.
According to Mamadu Sidibe, the trade union leader and the APR, the part of KAAAK activists, related to Ms. Aminata Tal, thanked Max Mac Salt for having always been his leader in such strategic stations since 2011.
Kauolak's specialist and adviser renews his collective commitment to meet the challenges faced by the head of state for his second term …

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