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The court requires more caution and responsibility

In the media coverage of B. Kamara's murder, the Council for Compliance with Ethics and Professional Behavior in the Media caused an interruption of silence. Almost four days after this murder was voluntarily reported by the press, the council proclaimed some unconfirmed comments from this case mentioned in several audio-visual and written media on Monday, May 20, 2019 that the victim Binetta Kamara "was raped before being killed in Tambakunda. "
The medical report found that after the autopsy was not found a sexual assault on the victim, Cored regrets the "inexplicable desire of some media. Who very quickly pointed out the vigilance of Malik Diop, without hesitating to put his picture on the front as an alleged perpetrator of this disgusting crime. One fact, which is also challenged by the results of the police investigation, finally "reached the hand of the murderer Pope Alion Fole, who confessed that he had committed the crime."
Facts that contradict the information provided by several daily newspapers and online sites, the Council said. He also condemned "the details that sometimes undermine the dignity of the victim and without concern for the pain of families.

Faced with this situation, which profoundly regrets, the heart reminded everyone that under all circumstances we must remain cautious journalists, but also very cautious about handling such serious information. raise so much emotion. "

In such situations, especially, it is necessary, according to Cored, "to know how to identify good sources instead of rumors and other stories." It was also noted that media professionals are not able to try to put themselves in the place of investigators and doctors. The only holders in this case the right information. Hence the latest invitation to journalists to be more careful and careful about the form of coverage of such unfortunate events, demonstrating greater professionalism. In fact, the tragic news requires another approach that includes respect for the dignity of the victims, but also the pain of families, "said Bakari Domingo Mane, President of Cored, in a statement that reached Dakaractu.

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