Monday , June 21 2021

The dollar falls on Forex with the opening of the US and sends the euro higher

EUR / USD is accelerating with the opening of US markets.

The bounce seen from zone 1.13 has a new dimension this afternoon, especially after breakout at 1.1350. The deepening global downturn of the dollar largely contributes to this move, allowing EUR / USD to surpass the recovery after the ECB, which collapsed around 1.1380.

The next resistance reaches 1.1390, before the 1.1400 threshold. The movement may slow down in this area, as weekend and US statistics for the day are postponed due to US closure.

Over 1,1400 we then find 1.1420, then 1.1440, thresholds that can be found in the short term as part of the recovery.

On the downside, support reached 1.1350 and 1.1330, before area 1.13, which still limits the decline.

Outside the economic calendar, the news remains burdened with exclusion, but also with the trade war with China and Brexit.

Currently EUR / USD is traded around 1.1385 on Forex.

EUR / USD Chart H1

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