Monday , September 26 2022

The film left two big problems for the Spider-Man away from home


A man spider away from home (of which our criticism should be read here) had the difficult task of succeeding in the intensive and colossal End of game of the avengers. We think the mission is quite successful not only thanks to the casting charm (Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya …) but also the a script like a land humorousIt has to be said that the two authors of the film, Eric Somers and Chris McKenna, have grasped the two difficulties inherited by their predecessor in the course of MCU, – You should we manage the ellipse and we have to deal with Tony [Stark], These were the two important elements of the story we took. Knowing that we have to deal with the transition in time, for which, I think everyone has questions, and that we treat them in a fun way– they trusted you Collider,

Peter and Tony
Peter and Tony

"For example, what are the specific details when half the world disappears and the other half remains? All this works pretty well, especially at high school level, because high school is quite embarrassing, humiliating and strange because you do not have to deal with the fact that half of your class has disappeared and returned. Or that you are now in college, except that half of your friends are still in high school. Or, with respect to this film, that a eleven-year-old student in elementary school is now beautiful of the classthey add with humor and it is this mix of ease and realism that allows them to cope the death of Tony Stark, and the consequences of the episode with so much success. What to predict the best for Peter Parker's next adventure in Spider 3, that Kevin Fage is annoying as "never seen"!

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