Monday , October 3 2022

The gendarmerie arrested by preacher Tibb Sose


Tayib Socé was attacked at his home yesterday at 18:00 at the Serigne Mansour in Rufisque by members of Colobane's research department, according to Seneweb

Our colleagues reveal that at the time of his arrest, Tibe Sose challenged the real motives that the gendarmes lived on. However, it would be a "very serious question" if one believes on the information site.

As a reminder, the man has already been arrested and sentenced in the case of gold-related fraud. He went to jail before being released conditionally.

PressAfrik tried to contact the preacher on his mobile number. But this is a lady who has fallen. Tiba Sosa is not available, she says, refusing to give details.

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