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the historic evening of Andre-Pierre Jinyak


Marseille fans still remember Andre-Pierre Ginyak's speech after his last match with Marseille against Bastia in May 2015, marking the end of his contract as an Olympian. " It didn't start very well, but I think we did well "He says before he says" my story is not over with OM "A five-year term in which he will know everything but who will allow him to live a childhood dream Before he leaves, he heads to Mexico and the UANL Tigers next month. Love at first sight, which he cannot explain, but it has led him today, where few people can imagine. On August 4, 2019, against Club Universidad Nacional, the Frenchman scored in the final minutes and offered a brief but valuable victory for his club (89th, 1-0). This is not anecdotal, this achievement is the 105th forward of the attacker and allows APG to enter the history of the Mexican club, breaking the record of the famous Tomash Boy, bearing the colors of the Tigers from 1975 to 1988. 105 pawns, recording and a story that is still being written.

A new championship day for the French and its ideal context for a memorable day, held yesterday, at home, at the Universitario de Nuevo Leon Stadium. In fact, to thank him, the tigers saw things in very large sizes. The former Marseille was handed a commemorative plaque while a Mariachi singer with traditional sounds like El Ray "(King) or" Cielito Lindo "(Nice little sky). Placed in the center circle, it is on a tarpaulin that was deployed for the occasion. The latter shows the message" Andre-Pierre Jinyak, historical scorer And he proudly illustrates it with his number 10, highlighting his many tattoos with his fist raised, a pose he is already accustomed to doing to celebrate his goals.

Triplet as a thank you.

The atmosphere in the stands is warm. The supporters of the club formed a mosaic with the colors of the French flag, after which they resumed the chorus « Hey Jude ", The biggest hit in the world in single Beatles, adapting to Gignac's name. Then put on the streamers. Goleador Historico ". The second is the player image accompanied by the message" Gignac, here you are Instead of giving way to the game, the party spirit blends together perfectly as the 22 actors take their place on the grass. And as if that wasn't enough, in the 10th minute of the match, the number carefully selected for the attacker's jersey, the airship flew over above Tigers Stadium with a portrait of a French Crowned man followed by the sentence " # 1 MAXIMO GOLEADOR ", Find out here," # 1 goal scorer ".

Andre-Pierre Ginac has already told Velodrome: " I'm not in the habit of talking and pouring So, what better answer than the one in the box? Five short minutes will be enough for the French international (36 caps), still in advance, which took over the winning center Luis Quinones (5th, 1-0). The madness could not stop in such a good way. When receiving a pass at the end of the zone, the French strike and put a shot between two defenders, which leaves no chance for opposing goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez (17th, 2-0). A few minutes later, still at the entrance to the surface, Gignac inherits a balloon that he takes back without control. The latter took the direction of the incoming post and allowed his author to enter a hat trick in just 22 minutes (22nd, 3-0). Shortly before halftime, Ventura Alvarado reduced the score (42nd, 3-1), but that day would not fail as the result did not move. The Tigers dominate, Jinyak is historic. Next goal: become a legend in Mexico?

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