Monday , June 21 2021

The Huawei case and its impact on 5G in Europe

US policy may lag behind two to three years.

There is a topic on which French telecommunications operators agree: without Huawei, Europe will probably be behind two to three years behind the 5G development compared to Americans and Chinese. The deployment of this technology, which will upset economic models, will first be passed on by manufacturers before benefiting end-users. The first to know how to use it will be able to best develop services in the vehicle, the factory of the future or health.

"Since geopolitical issues have had such an impact on our business"

Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Operator

But Donald Trump has decided to ban Chinese telecoms manufacturers from his country and is followed by some of his allies. "It is easy for them, they do not have Chinese equipment. The Chinese will continue to buy Huawei. But it is very complicated for us"Summarizes the French head of telecommunications The French have indeed resorted to Huawei's 4G network or their cloud services Huawei is a supplier and is changing from one …

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