Wednesday , August 10 2022

"The Maki Salt Diet Is Losing His Head Completely"


In a PressAfrik press release, Collective Africa de France reacted following activist Guy Marissa Sagna's allegation of "spreading a false alarm of terrorism" on his Facebook page. The team believes that the Maxi Sal's regime has lost its head.

"We have just learned: Guy Marius is accused of" spreading false alarming terrorism. "The public statement during his recent visit by the French Minister of Interior, Mr. Castaner, that" terrorism is present in Senegal … " , is it considered by the prosecutor to be a "fake alert for terrorism?" Ask members.

"Then why do not you send an order to the French Interior Minister?" FRAPP's warning warning of this barely covert, threatening, exodus of the French Interior Minister, Mr Castaner, is becoming a "false alarm for terrorism" a member of this anti-imperialist democratic movement, Guy Marius, "they added in the statement.

They think the maneuver is too big. The interrogation order is a means to de facto detain or ignore the constant threat of detention as the judge decides. And this procedure can last … years.

According to the group, "the Mackay Sal's regime in Senegal totally loses its head and exercises the abolition of the abuse of power to neutralize an obstacle to move around." The African collector urges all Senegalese citizens, the African Diaspora, the Democrats, and the Internationalists seek the cessation of this unlawful harassment and immediate release of Guy Marius immediately. "

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