Monday , July 26 2021

The standard truth from Macky Sall to Youssou Ndour on their suspicion was scrambling

The end of the sterile controversy has just been sounded. The light was reviled because of criticism made to President Macky Sall who would be behind making press organs to destabilize Future Media Group (Gfm), after meeting with the President of the Republic, a few days ago.

At the end of this hearing given to him by the President on his own initiative, it appears that in fact, there were no quarrels between President Macky Sall and Youssou Ndour, Gfm's Chief Executive Officer, contrary to the rumors of late. The Republican president who met a planetary artist told him that he was not as far and far behind the press organs as he had just made, they said they weakened Gfm.

During the meeting held last week, vocal leaders from & # 39; & # 39; Super Etoile & # 39; & # 39; invited, by the Palace tenants to come to clean up the many facts he had criticized. Criticism is mainly about the creation of a new press organ by some of its former employees and a series of resignations from Gfm agents. Rumors that it was President Sall's person behind all that was conveyed. Rumors that go viral. And in discussions like in social networking, President Sall was chosen as "Armed Arm" or "shadow financier" from this body, only weakening the press company of "Raja Mbalakh" & # 39; What is this! He then told the leader of the Alliance for the Republic, said a source hiding in the palace.

From the exchange between the two, it emerged that the president told the artists that he had no desire to weaken or endanger his interests. Better, he said, if he really wanted to attack the newspaper, Walfadjri who continued to drag him into the mud would be removed from the list of press companies in Senegal. Macky Sall to note that the Sidy Lamine Niasse group was never the subject of any settlement account despite the fact that attacking the morning, afternoon and night accused him of unfounded facts. And this, without ever worrying. He said that, despite all his mistakes, he never thought or acted in the sense of damaging the interests of the Walfadjri group. So he said it verbally, that if this group which continued to attack him, so far, had been spared, he did not see any interest in attacking an allied press company.

At Youssou Ndour, Dakaractu studied, his interlocutor renewed his friendship. He let him know that he had an ally in front of him. And that he did not see any desire to destabilize an ally by supporting the formation of a press organ to weaken it (E-Media). "That doesn't interest me at all. If I really intend to disrupt the press organ, I will not focus on the organs belonging to allies, relatives, friends, & # 39; & # 39; said President Macky Sall to Youssou Ndour. So it's unthinkable for him to try to weaken or destabilize an ally, & # 39; & # 39; he added to Sieur Ndour.

During their discussion, President Macky Sall, who intended to enlighten CEO Gfm to eradicate ambiguity – and this, verbally – was repeated to the contrary that all of these accusations against him about the story of the support he would bring to the newly created press business were unfounded …

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