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The unforgettable Jean-Pierre Marielle in Valladolid's "

The great French comedian Jean-Pierre Mariel dies on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. He has appeared on numerous films and has been involved in theater and television.

He is one of the biggest film worlds, such as Philip Noire, Claude Rich, Jean Rochefort, or Bebel, his great friend … Jean-Pierre Marie, the last of the great princes, died Wednesday at 87 after a long disease.

His appearance in The contradiction of Valladolida television film screened in 1992 on French screens, marked many minds. He plays Bartolome de Las Casas, a Dominican priest, a defender of the Americans, a man full of humanity. With the astonishment we know him, he appears, masterfully, wrapped in his black and white cloak, piercing eyes and a transparent voice. How can I not shudder while listening to him in a powerful voice: "That they are like me, I can not doubt because they are my Indian brothers and I know them"?

Unbelievable and his great appearances Every morning in the world, The devil from the queue, Uranus… Monsieur de Sent-Colombe has noted the minds of more than one generation of French lovers of their homeland and their arts, scenes, obscure cinemas. In more than sixty years of his career, he has appeared in more than one hundred films, television films and plays under the guidance of prestigious figures such as Michel Audiard or Claude Sauvete, but not less than seven times. Caesars.

"Charming Monster"

Many personalities from the world of culture have praised the personality of the actor. Académie des Césars honors him in a statement, praising a "monument to French cinema." "Jean-Pierre Marielle was also a great performer, who embodied his role with this spirited humor and a certain cynicism that was so special to him," says Alain Terzian. Culture Minister Frank Reacher praised an actor who had everything. The voice, the charisma, the laughing eyes and the meaning of the game. "We always have the impression that the great actors we love are immortal, they respond to the director Patrice Lecont, who pays tribute to the one he likes to call" a kind of light […] charming, "praising his" human warmth "and his sense of friendship." "And then we have to face the facts, they are not immortal." Fortunately, the films will survive them, he added.

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